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mwalters, 19th March 2015

Anzac Day - 25 April - is one of the most important national occasions on the Australian calendar. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. In 2015, 100 years since these nations' involvement in the war, the Community Radio Network will be broadcasting a number of special Anzac broadcasts for syndication by stations around the country.

Dawn Service from WA - LIVE ONLY
Hosted by Albany Community Radio for a fourth consecutive year, from the very location where troops sailed out of Australia 100 years ago. Live-only from 07:04 to 08:00 EST on Saturday 25 April. CRN-1 & CRN-2. First hour will be a preamble including Anzac history, music, with the Dawn Service beginning at 07:30 EST. Will air during the regular Saturday Breakfast program hosted by Jeff Dunn.

Centenary of Anzac Commemoration Concert
For the Centenary of ANZAC, Launceston’s City Park Radio has partnered with the Northern Midlands RSL to bring you highlights of a special concert to commemorate this Anzac Day. The evening consisted of over 200 local Tasmanian performers who donated their time to the event. A special highlight of the evening was a combined schools choir with students from ten schools in the area. Other highlights include the tattoed tenor, Matthew Garwood,  balladeer Jamie Davis, country singer Debbie Parry, Hank & Donna Marie Koopman, and violinist Michael Stocks as well as the Launceston Salvation Army Band and the City of Launceston RSL Band. Music for ANZAC day including In Flanders Field, The Anzac, Till we meet again, Wounded Soldier, All gave some Some gave all and Highland Cathedral. A homegrown concert from Northern Tasmania - and well-suited for use by stations looking for some live-recorded music to commemorate the Anzacs. Playing live-only from 12:05 to 14:00 EST on CRN-2, Saturday 25 April. Download available (see below).

The Great War Centenary - Why Remember?
A music and discussion series that remembers the parts played in the Great War by classical music composers, explores how and why the Great War still today colours our art and our perspectives on history, politics, and international affairs, and asks why it is important to remember. Each edition comprises approximately one hour of classical music and one hour of script and discussion. Originally produced by Peter Gardner for 3MBS' Illuminations, this 3 x 1'59'50 minute series is playing in Fine Music Live on CRN-1 and CRN-2 on Sunday 5, 12 and 19 April. PDF icon The Great War synopses.pdf. Download available (see below).

Australia - The Legend of ANZAC (BBC)
Anzac is often referred to as Australia’s founding story as it came so early in the life of the new nation. It is widely celebrated, but there are those that say it focuses on masculinity and the military which is to the detriment of other facets of Australian life. How did the Australian experience of the war differ from that of other nations? And what role has the 'legend of Anzac' played in the hundred-year history of Australia since the first Anzac Day? The BBC’s Razia Iqbal discusses Anzac and its legacy with Marilyn Lake from Melbourne University and Alistair Thomson from the University of Monash, and a specially written essay selected by the British Council will be delivered by an Australian cultural figure. 1 x 49'30 minutes, playing in Extras 1 on Weednesday 22 April. Full Extras listings available here.

After All - A Story of Gallipoli - 45'30 mins - (ArtSound FM)
A play written by Bart Beehan and produced for ArtSound by The Paper Moon Radio Theatre Group. The story focuses on the relationship of two men, Charley, an educated Anglo Australian from Sydney and Jack, a farmer’s son from Werris Creek in northern New South Wales, following them from training in Egypt, to the trenches of Gallipoli and then St Andrews Hospital in Malta. 45 mins. Playing on CRN-1 in the lead-up to Anzac Day, Broadcast time 15:04 EST on Thursday 23/4. Will record via Extras 1 as "After All". More info. Download available (see below).

Anzac, the Armenian Genocide and the politics of remembering - 27'50 mins (3CR)
In this centenary year, ANZAC commemorations have reached a fever pitch. Remembering Australia's fallen is important, but how much history is lost in the carnival of commemoration? The 24th of April 2015 marks another day of mourning. It is the centenary of an event that took place very close to Anzac cove: The Armenian genocide. On this program, we uncover a piece of history that is rarely remembered when we speak about the Anzac legend, but that is an instrumental part of that story. The program explores the how and why we remember the past, and what is forgotten along the way. Produced by Nicole Curby. Download available (see below).

Alternative Radio John Tognolini - Gallipoli: Myths, Race and War - 55'50 mins
The Australian government and its corporate partners are spending almost $400 million dollars celebrating the so-called ANZAC spirit in the centenary of the landing at ANZAC Cove. Schoolchildren will study the legends of ANZAC and attend special events. Public gatherings will be organised and songs will be sung so that we don't forget. Yet, when we look closer at the huge public relations exercise that is being undertaken, like most propaganda, the truth is buried under layers of confection, obfuscation and distraction. How many school children will be taught that Muslim, Hindu, Indigenous, Chinese and Japanese men fought alongside the white men from Australia? How many of the recreations of the battles will include the long, painful screaming deaths of the men who sometimes took days to die in the no-man's land between combatants? Rather, the focus will be on the "glory" of war and the pomp and ceremony that bears no relation to death. Rather than condemn wars, our government and its corporate partners will encourage a new generation to sacrifice more than they would ever consider. John Tognolini is a history teacher, radio broadcaster, historian and writer. His third book is "Brothers: Part 1, Gallipoli  1915" and is the first of four books dealing with the First World War and is available through Download available (see below).

Stick Together - Australia's labour movement in World War One - 27'50 mins - (3CR)
Today we mark the centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli with a discussion about the Australian labour movement's response to the First World War, and how the war changed Australia's political landscape. Interview with Joan Beaumont, ANU, author of Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War. Producer: Diana Beaumont. Download available (see below).

The History Show - Legends of the Victoria Cross - 55'50 mins - (Tasman FM)
Professor Jill Brannock discusses the origins of the VC, and then looks at the military achievements of 2 World War 1 winners - Joseph Maxwell and Albert Jacka. The Afghanistan veteran & VC winner Ben Roberts-Smith said of Jacka "he should have won the VC 3 times over." Download available (see below).

The CBAA is grateful to all the stations and producers for supplying this content to the network.

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The Community Radio Network satellite service will be broadcasting two live Anzac Day services this year, thanks to Albany Community Radio, WA, and City Park Radio, Tasmania.


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