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5 Tips For Making Your CBAA Award Application Shine

enadmin, 10th July 2014

The deadline for 2014 CBAA Award nominations is fast approaching! We’ve already received some great applications and we can’t wait to review them all after they close next Friday, 18 July

For those still working on theirs (or yet to start!), we thought we’d share 5 quick tips for making your application shine, giving you the best chance to take out your award of choice.

1. Select the correct Award category

Before you go to the hard work of putting an application together, check that you’re entering the most appropriate category. Review the full list of categories and selection criteria here

2. Address the selection criteria 

Ensure that each aspect of your application links back to the criteria for your Award, leaving no doubt that you meet each requirement.

3. Write clearly, concisely and persuasively

Make sure your application is easy to understand, and helps the judges understand the significance of your achievements.

4. Be specific where it is called for 

Measureable beats anecdotal! Where possible give exact numbers and concrete examples to show results or improvement in a particular area.

5. Include appropriate supporting materials

Be selective and choose materials that show how you meet the selection criteria. These could include websites, social media, podcasts, other media coverage or engaging program grabs. 
If you are including an entire program then advise of the specific excerpt(s) that the judges should listen to (they won’t be able to listen to an entire hour of the program, so tell them the start and end times of key sections).

Submit your application by 18 July here.

Best of luck to all 2014 Award entrants!

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