Our Staff

Jon Bisset - Chief Executive Officer

Jon has previously served in key leadership roles as CEO of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, Chief Executive of the Council on the Ageing (NSW) and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Fundraising Institute Australia.

Rhonda Byrne - Head of Business Services

Rhonda joined the CBAA in June 2011. She spent the previous 6 years at Fairfax Media Ltd. where she led a large administration team with responsibilities for administrative, logistical and financial support to over 350 staff across Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald. Her work spanned the news desk, business, photographic, production and Readerlink departments and included project management and event & campaign planning.

Helen Henry - Senior Communications Officer

Helen brings experience in the digital media and music industries to her role at the CBAA and first fell in love with community broadcasting for its support of Australian music. As Senior Communications Officer, you'll find Helen working across a wide range of projects, from managing the CBAA website, social media and other online communications, to editing CBX Magazine and working with other teams across the CBAA on various projects ranging from member communications to advocacy and new projects and services. 

Danny Chifley - Member Services Officer

Danny has been involved in the community broadcasting for many years, beginning his career in the sector at one of Australia's oldest community radio stations, 2MCE in Bathurst. Over his decade-plus tenure at the CBAA, he has probably become best known as either the voice at the end of the phone when calling the CBAA office or as host of the CBAA Conference Gala Awards Dinner.

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat - Member Services + Marketing & Engagement Assistant

Holly cut her teeth in community radio at Sydney's FBi Radio because of her love for weird electronic music, but has also made appearances around the place at 2SER, Eastside FM and even at Berlin Community Radio, where she lived for some time. Wearing a few hats, Holly supports stations with any questions they may have, as well as working across the CBAA's social media, CBX Magazine, research programs and the sector's Resource Library. If you google hard enough, you'll find that Holly is also a published writer; but please don't!

Robin Carter - Finance Coordinator

Robin came to the CBAA from a professional photographic laboratory where he cared for the company accounts. This brought him into contact with many professional photographers and their work both in Sydney and overseas and reactivated his interest in photography. Robin’s accounting experience was initially acquired in the UK, where he worked for several large soft drink companies and included a wide range of projects with these companies both in the UK and overseas. Robin was born in Australia but educated in the UK. After time in Manchester and London, Robin was more or less permanently frozen from the endless British winter and felt a change was needed. He returned to Australia in 2002.

Digital Radio Project (DRP)

Chris Yates – DRP Operations Coordinator

Chris cut his teeth in the community radio sector at 4ZZZ in Brisbane, as music director, announcer, producer, festival organiser, and all things in between, before moving into the media monitoring industry as a national studio manager. Chris joined the CBAA in 2012 as editor of CBX Magazine and promptly took on a role in the Digital Radio Project. Outside of his work at the CBAA Chris is a digital media enthusiast and content creator, working in audio and video production and as a freelance pop culture journalist.

Emma Ramsay - DRP Assistant

Beginning in support roles with the CBAA and the CRN in 2011, Emma joined the Digital Radio Project in 2013. Exciting sector-wide opportunities exist in the digital radio space as we navigate a multi-platform broadcasting environment and tend to the challenges unique to community radio. Emma delivers ongoing support, maintenance and training to the staff and volunteers at community digital radio services. She has helped facilitate temporary and special event broadcasts utilising the national Digital Radio network, assisted in national funding campaigns and presented at CBAA conferences. Emma also works in the arts, community and music sector as a volunteer, participant and mentor. Emma believes through independent broadcasting, community radio offers unique access to a deeper understanding of our participation and responsibilities to one another in Australian civil society.

Community Radio Network (CRN)

Martin Walters - CRN Manager

Martin has been working at the CBAA since CBAA June 2007, and working in and around radio since 1997. Please be advised that due to accent difficulties it may be easier to contact him via email. Also this will reduce the chances of him engaging you in a long-winded spiel about the progress of the NZ cricket team.

Dan Callaghan - CRN Technical Production Coordinator

By happy circumstance Dan had no choice but to get involved with community radio. Crashing wildly into uni with no idea what to do, he decided on social sciences. It was excruciatingly dull. Some years later the administrators were allowed to push him out the other side with something called a 'Creative Industries' degree. The bit of paper he got at the end says it has something to do with 'social sciences', 'journalism' and 'audio engineering'... Somehow it was enough for Brisbane's 4ZZZ to let Dan join their production department as a Promotions Producer then Production Coordinator, grant writer, archivist, trainer, and tech for events programs and outside broadcasts. Despite Brisbane being awesome, Sydney beckoned. Double-decker trains are still a novelty.

Andrew McLellan - CRN Operations Coordinator

Andrew joined the CBAA in 2015. Having studied music technology at the Queensland Conservatorium, he’s worked as an audio engineer/producer, composer, sound designer, and live AV technician. He first got to know community radio at 4ZZZ in Brisbane, a major node in the underground music and art scene where Andrew was earning his chops. There he hosted music and talks programs, and worked in the office as the Content Development Coordinator. It was there he filed weekly programming with the Community Radio Network, and now he’s found himself on the other end.

Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap)

Andrew Khedoori

Andrew is taking a break from his longstanding post as 2ser's Music Director to look after all things Amrap at the CBAA. He brings with him almost 30 years experience in community radio.