Locked Out

Alex Crerar, 24th November 2020

Locked Out was made on Noongar land, and we pay our respects to their elder’s past, present and emerging.


So imagine this: you’re a temporary visa holder, living and working in Australia. 

You travel back home to see your family, or maybe to attend a funeral. You’re allowed to – that’s fine. But then the unexpected - the pandemic hits, and Australia closes its borders.

This is the story of being stuck outside, away from your home, your work, your belongings and family.

Produced by Fiona Mayers and Killian Keating for 6HFM in Perth.

Supervising Production by Lynda McCaffery

And since recording, there’s been some good news for Samreen. Her husband did receive the exemption finally, and he has returned to Australia.


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