enadmin, 15th March 2013

A second round of General - Sustainability & Development grants is now open and as a priority, the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) are keen to receive applications that propose innovative projects that will foster youth leadership in the community broadcasting sector or will empower young people to become successful leaders and create positive change in community broadcasting.

enadmin, 9th January 2013

enadmin, 27th November 2012

The CBF are looking for an additional member to join the TV Grants Advisory Committee (TVGAC).

dchifley_2, 2nd April 2012

The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) Board recently appointed David Melzer as Vice-President of the Foundation. David has been involved in broadcasting for more than 20 years - as a volunteer, broadcaster, trainer, manager, board member and consultant in the community broadcasting sector and with the ABC. He has worked as a station manager at remote, regional and metropolitan stations serving general, ethnic, Indigenous and specialist music community interests.

enadmin, 21st November 2011

Every community radio station faces a very common issue, one that is vital to the operations of a community broadcaster, regardless of circumstances. This issue, is of course, funding.