Amrap Q + A

Caitlin Nienaber

hfriedlander, 16th June 2017

An impressive 2,000 hours of Australian music is aired on community radio each week by thousands of enthusiastic program makers with a passion for homegrown artists. 

Chryss Carr

Amrap, 3rd February 2017

Australian music airplay is one of the main reasons why 5 million people tune to community radio each week and our broadcasters passionately support australian artists.

CC the Cat

Amrap, 20th January 2017

In this ongoing CBX series, we catch up with amazing Australian broadcasters and musicians to explore community radio's role in supporting Australian music.

Tara Carragher

Amrap, 19th January 2017

Find out more about how community radio program makers are supporting Australian musicians in this ongoing Q&A series by Amrap.

Morgan Bain

Amrap, 8th February 2016

Behind the Music celebrates the ways that community radio broadcasters and Australian musicians use Amrap to champion Australian music on air and online.

Caitlin Park

Amrap, 15th May 2015

Almost five million Australians listen to community radio every week and since the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) started Australian music airplay on community radio has increased by 7% to a new average of 39%.