There is a wide range of grants that community radio stations can access for a variety of purposes.

There are grants available to assist you in purchasing new equipment, developing existing radio programs further, or developing new programs that align with the current programs you have on air and supporting your staff and volunteers  – the core activities of the station.

Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF)

Community broadcasters can access grant funding from the CBF, an independent non-profit funding agency that seeks, secures and distributes funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia. CBF funding assists community broadcasting organisations in urban, regional, rural and remote Australia to produce media by and for their communities.

Grant Writing Resources

The Community Broadcasting Foundation have a collection of resources available to assist stations in completing their grant applications, relevant both for the CBF and for other funding bodies.

For example:

See the CBF website or contact CBF Grants Administrators for further information.

Philanthropy How to Guide: Effective Grant-Seeking Handbook

Philanthropy Australia, supported by Strategic Grants, have put together this guide to help you find grants in Australia and to understand what to provide (and what not to provide) when completing an application.

Other Grants

There is also a range of grants that stations can consider applying for to support their activities, that may be applicable to a community radio station and that would benefit the station and its community in some way. Although these grants may be perceived as falling outside of the station’s primary area of concern, the station may fulfil numerous other functions in the community and therefore be eligible for a wider range of grants than you may realise.

For instance, the station may:

  • support local community development
  • promote health gains, mental health, etc
  • build capacity in the community, or in a sector of the community
  • work with a certain sector of the community for which there are grants
  • work to promote information about a certain risk or problem in the community

Other handy links

Getting a Grant: Negotiating the Contract

When you enter into a grant contract, you need to be very clear what your organisation is being asked to agree to. Obtaining a grant is the start of a whole process of accountability. The accountability process is usually based on a contract that spells out everything that needs to be done to ensure the success of the project or program for which your organisation has obtained a grant. The Funding Centre is an enterprise of Our Community and is an excellent source of information on grants and fundraising in Australia. Getting a Grant: Negotiating the Contract provides community broadcasters with an easy guide on how to navigate the administrative process of grant contracts.

How the CBAA can help
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As a member, the CBAA connects your station with exclusive market-leading offers delivered by trusted providers to help save your organisation money.