Community engagement ideas and strategies


When done well, community engagement offers a window to understanding and responding to the needs of your community – and it can also be lots of fun!

But when you’re busy and resources are thin on the ground, it can be hard to know how best to approach engaging with your community in creative, effective and budget-friendly ways.
10 creative ways to engage with your station's community

In May 2017, we held a webinar which looked at creative community engagement techniques, with representatives from SYN Media, Waringarri Radio and King Island Radio.


Community engagement case studies and ideas for your station, broadcasters and journalists

When it comes to broadcasting practices, the term “engagement” means many things. But how can your station better understand the term and apply it in ways that increases trust in your content and help strengthen communities?

To help feed this ongoing discussion, Democracy Fund in the US has supported the following two research projects.

Nonprofit journalism engagement case studies 

Compiled by the Institute for Nonprofit News and Dot Connector Studio with support from the Democracy Fund, this report highlights 26 projects that will inspire your community radio station. This collection features a range of community engagement strategies, including crowdfunding, crowdsourcing tips and stories, community storytelling, participatory urban planning, training of citizen journalists and more.

Pathways to engagement: understanding how newsrooms are working with engagement
Journalists in all sectors are working with their communities in a range of new ways that are reshaping how broadcasters report, publish, and pay the bills. This emerging trend has roots in past journalism industry movements but has taken on unique contours in the digital age. This paper looks at a variety of engagement practices that help position communities at the center of journalism and broadcasting. Different approaches are outlined, along with useful examples from the field.