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CBAA News, 19th November 2011

Ben explains to his intrigued audience, the influence social media has and what a station can do with it to better their interaction with their listeners on a whole new level.

CBAA News, 18th November 2011

CBlogger Brad caught up with Ben Teoh, Graduate Project Officer of Online Content for Connecting Up, bef

5RPH Iris studio

Alex White, 14th October 2011

5RPH has introduced a second digital radio service, IRIS.

MBS light digital logo

Alex White, 12th October 2011

4MBS Classic FM, Brisbane's classical music community station, has introduced a new digital radio service, MBS Light.

Sydney digital community launch

Alex White, 10th June 2011

On Tuesday, May 24th, Sydney eight city wide community radio stations launched digital radio services, providing Sydney with more choice and new ways to listen to the city's most diverse and accessible media.

4eb digital launch

Alex White, 10th June 2011

Brisbane community digital stations celebrated the launch of services through a variety of individual launch events and activities.

National community launch

Alex White, 23rd May 2011

On Friday May 13, a national launch event was held to celebrate the establishment of community digital radio services in mainland capital cities around the country.

CBAA News, 12th May 2011

The CBAA welcomes the announcement in the Federal Government budget of an additional $12.5 million funding over four years to community broadcasting for content development.

CBAA News, 18th April 2011

Adelaide marketplace outside broadcaster

Alex White, 18th April 2011

Adelaide's 6 city wide stations launched their services with outside broadcasts in the central marketplace at 7am on Friday the 15th of April, providing the public with free doughnuts in the shapes of ones and zeros.

Melbourne digital radio launch

Alex White, 18th April 2011

9 Melbourne stations gathered together at federation square at 11am on Thursday the 14th of April to celebrate the beginning of community digital radio services.

CBAA News, 23rd March 2011

On Saturday March 12, 2011, Gippsland FM presenter and board director Michelle Callaway participated in the 2011 World’s Greatest Shave to help raise funds for the Leukemia Foundation.

CBAA News, 7th March 2011

The ACMA has developed a series of guidelines to assist community broadcasting licensees to understand their responsibilities under the Broadcasting Services Act (1992).

CBAA News, 24th September 2010

The CBAA recently caught up with Jonathan Brown to find out about his experiences over the past two years as Youth Representative of the CBAA Board.

Michelle O'Connor, 1st August 2010

Recognising the historical partnership between the community broadcasting and higher education sectors, this paper reviews the pioneer educational program Talking to New England as collaboration between the University of New England and 2SER. It also documents the contributions to learning and teaching at Charles Sturt University (CSU) over three decades by 2MCE and evaluates the potential contributions of the station to the development of new teaching resources such as educational podcasting. This paper also outlines a pilot project at CSU established to investigate whether the “explaining voice” as a style of vocal presentation closely aligned to radio broadcasting traditions, could be adopted for university audio learning.

Amanda Lawrence, 1st August 2010

This paper looks at the role of Australian Policy Online (APO) as a collection of ‘grey’ public policy research and considers how this fits within the broader context of open access publishing and policy development. The amount of grey literature now being produced presents challenges for APO as well as other collecting agencies and society in general. This paper looks at who is operating in this space in Australia, the issues for collecting and preserving grey literature, and how bibliographic exchange and interoperability can help us to manage the flood of new material and reduce the duplicated effort that currently exists. While APO has been a foundational player in this field, it has reached a stage where a new solution is required - a national online collaborative collection of full text digital resources created with a vision for the benefits that the semantic web will bring.

Bruce Berryman and Bryan Rudd, 1st August 2010

One of the things we are constantly told about the internet is that the world becomes a smaller place. Communication with like-minded individuals is easier through virtual communication. For radio practitioners this connectivity should allow people with common interests and skills to collaborate more effectively on radio-like productions. Shared Stories is about this type of collaborative production of documentaries and features. The first version of this project involved university students in Australia and England. This paper describes the processes and challenges encountered in this collaboration, identifying the ways in which this form of production can be developed.

Matthew Allen, 1st August 2010

Network technologies are very desirable for social action, allowing activists to achieve more with less, more quickly and with broader impact; on the other hand, the very advantages they bring are equally important to the world of contemporary capitalism that social action seeks to change. Thus, we must look beyond network technologies as the easy solution to every problem, and focus instead on the human relationships which might be enabled by them. This focus on relationships requires us to ‘de-tool’ information technology. Instead, for social action, it is more valuable to think of networked computing as part of the environment within which action can occur; an important purpose for such action; and as a medium that nurtures expression and engagement of self and belief.