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Sharmaine Spencer, 12th August 2019

History Lab has some good stories to tell, but it's not interested in just telling you these stories, or what to think. History Lab wants to draw you in to the investigative process, and challenge you to think of when, what and why history happens. 

Danny Chifley, 24th October 2018

2SER FM's investigative podcast Breathless, produced in conjunction with The Guardian, has been nominated for one of Australian journalism's highest honours, a Walkley Award in the category of Major News Event or Issue.

Andrew McLellan, 2nd May 2018

Live coverage of the 2018 Federal Budget fresh from the lockup.

independent community and Indigenous current affairs

Andrew McLellan, 16th April 2018

Get to know what goes into independent current affairs each weekday

THINK Digital Futures logo

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 14th March 2018

2ser 107.3 re-launches its award-winning Think series with a new look and format, as all three programs — Think: Health, Think: Sustainability and Think: Digital Futures — shift to a narrative-driven focus and seasonal release.

Andrew McLellan, 20th February 2018

National broadcasts and specials that #PressforProgress

Martin Walters, 16th November 2017

The media battle ground has expanded, causing divisions among people, especially with everyone being in their own “bubble” when it comes to their beliefs. Journalist Lenore Taylor and social researcher Rebecca Huntley are looking for real conversations, as they aim to bridge the divide in politics.

Andrew McLellan, 12th September 2017

Craig Garrett explores how Vulcana Women's Circus survived funding instability


Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 29th May 2017

The Audiocraft Conference highlights emerging opportunities for Australian radiomakers and podcasters across all sectors and skill levels. 

Andrew McLellan, 20th June 2016

Beginning broadcast in 1986, Alternative Radio has just entered its third decade in production, airing internationally on over 180 radio stations weekly.

Federal Budget 2016-17 on CRN

Helen Henry, 2nd May 2016

Budget Night live from Canberra - community-minded analysis for your listeners.

International Women's Day 2016

Andrew McLellan, 25th February 2016

Celebrate International Women's Day on Tuesday, 8 March with two special live shows on CRN-2, and much more.

Romal Baluchzada

Helen Henry, 8th December 2015

The CBAA congratulates Romal Baluchzada, founder of 2SER 107.3 FM radio program Khurasaan Zamin, on being recognised as part of Pro Bono Australia's Impact 25.

CRN Segments

Martin Walters, 30th June 2015

Access short content for your station or radio program. The first round of CRN Segments 2015 is available here. Are you a community radio broadcaster or producer and want to get involved? Applications for Round One in 2016 will open in February 2016.

CRN Segments

Martin Walters, 6th May 2015

The CRN Segments initiative is a new opportunity for producers to flex their creative thinking, develop production skills, and share radio content on a national platform. Round One of 2015's two intakes has been confirmed, and these series are now in production and will be available for local use on stations, through the Community Radio Network service, from July.

Martin Walters, 26th February 2015

Give your listeners the chance to hear in-depth, expert and entertaining International Women's Day programming through our live rolling coverage on the day.