Respectful Reporting on the Voice Referendum


Stations are required to look to Code 4 of the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice when covering issues affecting Indigenous Australians and include appropriate warnings when using voices, names or images of the deceased.

Code 3.3 is also relevant: We will not broadcast material that is likely to stereotype, incite, vilify, or perpetuate hatred against, or attempt to demean any person or group, on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, language, gender, sexuality, religion, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, cultural belief or political affiliation. The requirement is not intended to prevent the broadcast of material which is factual, or the expression of genuinely held opinion in a news or current affairs program or in the legitimate context of a humorous, satirical or dramatic work.

For Indigenous cultural protocols see the CBF’s First Nations Engagement Protocols.

Other examples include:

For appropriate and inclusive language see Reconciliation Australia’s resource on Demonstrating inclusive and respectful language.

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