Studio 5 Live Radio Festival 2020


CBAA Conference Offer

Production assisant, audio visual technician, sound engineer and speaker at the 2020 CBAA Conference, PBSFM is offering an incredible discount to conference participants alongside the session talk | Station ID's and Promos: Your Stations Sound.

Exclusive promotion for the Studio 5 Live Radio Festival 2020. The Studio 5 Live Radio Festival will feature a collection of great performances from studio 5 throughout the year. 

THE COMPILATION is a reflection of the vast array of sounds and genres that are broadcast out of Easey Street 24/7.  Whether you have a love for afrobeat, hip hop, psych, garage punk, electronica, soul or jazz- there'll be something for you on this CD!

There is a unique code to be used by the first 300 conference participants,so be sure to get in quick - sign up here TODAY.