Grant-Matching Service


The CBAA Grant-Matching Service gives stations access to grant opportunities from the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) and many government and philanthropic funding organisations across Australia.

The service is available to all CBAA Member stations and aims to provide stations with the opportunity to match available funding opportunities to their identified project. Support will be provided to ensure your station is ‘grant-ready’ and eligible for identified opportunities.

How it works
  1. Identify a project or activity in your station in need of funding.
  2. Contact the CBAA for a list of funding opportunities matched to your identified project.
  3. Complete a grant-ready checklist to ensure your station is eligible and ready to apply for the chosen grant.
  4. With the support of the CBAA apply for the grant. 

CBAA members interested in using this service should contact CBAA Marketing & Engagement Assistant, Holly Friedlander Liddicoat.