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WEBINAR: National Listener Survey: How To Use This Data For Your Station's Sponsorship Proposals - 27 January

CBAA Web Articles., 20th January 2015

The National Listener Survey has been carried out by CBAA in partnership with McNair Ingenuity Research since 2004. The surveys provide invaluable feedback to the community broadcasting sector and local community stations about trends, listeners and the sector itself. This information is freely available to the community broadcasting sector via a series of Fact Sheets, and can be used as part of marketing & sponsorship proposals.

Who is this webinar for?

All community broadcasters looking to maximise sponsorship revenue via the use of accurate, up to date statistics and anyone looking for tangible evidence of the importance of the sector to the community.

Hosted by:

  • Matt Balogh and Christian Geilen of McNair Ingenuity, a leading market research agency in Australia founded on 80 years of market and social research heritage.
  • Ilya Lawson, Direct Sales Manager for Fresh 92.7, an Adelaide based youth and community radio station, committed to presenting the best in international and local music and emerging cultures.
  • Gavin Brett, Group Sales Manager for Hope Media, a not-for-profit media organisation located in Sydney and operator of Hope 103.2 and Inspire Digital and Media Sales Australia (MSA), a network of community media outlets from across Australia, providing organisations with a strategic platform to reach a national audience including remote regional areas.

See the webinar presentation here:

CBAA/CMTO Webinars: National Listener Survey How To Use This Data For Your Station's Sponsorship Proposals from CMTO on Vimeo.

This webinar was held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 27 January.

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*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
This session will instruct participants on how to read the results of the most recent National Listener Survey and translate this data into information that can be used to accurately describe their listenership to their community, the regulatory body and prospective sponsors.


*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*

The Station Community Engagement Survey is a do-it-yourself, affordable audience research program for community radio stations.


In 2015, the CBAA undertook a tender process for the National Listener Survey. We are pleased to advise that this process is now complete and provide you with some further information about how the survey will be administered in 2016.