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WEBINAR: How to find and keep your volunteers - 26 November

Danny Chifley, 6th November 2015

Volunteers  are  at  the  core  of  community  broadcasting,  working  collectively  to  assist  in  every  aspect of station operation. There are 22,000 volunteers across Australia giving time to their local station and their contribution to the sector cannot be overstated.

However, managing volunteers is a key challenge for stations (Member Survey, 2014), and this webinar is here to help!

Attend to find out how to attract new volunteers to your station and support their continued involvement.

Who is this webinar for:

Management and boards of community broadcasting organisations looking to attract new volunteers, retain existing volunteers and make the most of this unparalleled resource.

Presented by:

Penny York, a representative of the Centre for Volunteering, a not-for-profit member organisation which connects and promotes volunteers and volunteering organisations to help strengthen communities. Penny York has conducted professional development workshops focusing on how to recruit and retain volunteers.

See the webinar presentation here:


2015-11-26 18.30 How to find and keep your volunteers from CMTO on Vimeo.

This webinar was held at 6:30 PM on Thursday 26 November 2015

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8 ways to find, support and encourage your volunteers.


The biggest challenge to stations right across the sector is attracting and retaining volunteers.


*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
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