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Volunteer Opportunities - Encore 96.3fm

Katrina Hughes, 6th September 2019

Bundaberg Community Radio station Encore 96.3fm have a number of volunteer positions available.

Although Bundaberg based, some of these positions can be carried out remotely.


Opportunities include:

Rebrand Team Manager: Assist in creating a new brand / name including development of a website, Facebook presence and further longer-term ideas.

Fund Team Leader: Assist in fundraising activities, create fundraising activities, and develop and maintain a listener’s club to source voluntary donations and listener club rewards program.

Sponsorship Sales: Find and maintain sponsor accounts and assist in getting sponsor messages into production and on air.

Funds Sourcing Team Leader: Research National, State, and local availability of grants, funds and any source where the station can obtain financial or other worthwhile gain including applications and follow up.

IT Technician: Maintain and recommend all equipment, assist presenters with IT knowledge.

Program Manager: Consider programs time slots, content, suitability and training, working in conjunction with program scheduling.

Podcast Team Leader: Assist in creating podcasts for regular program time slots as fill-ins 

Promotions Team Leader: Develop a team to promote 96.3fm at regional events, markets, and within State/ Federal and local governments.


To apply:

All applications should be emailed to Peter Bayley, President,  Encore 96.3fm Bundaberg.

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*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.*

As of 2 January 2019, applications are open for both the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) Development & Operations and Content grants. Join us as the CBF provide guidance on the grant application process.


The largest pressure faced by community radio stations is financial. Stations constantly face the reality of how to ensure an adequate operating income in an increasingly competitive mediascape. Van Vuuren (2006c) argues that the extent of the contribution of community media to media democracy in Australia depends largely on how the sector manages commercial pressures. There is a need to ensure more financial stability to allow stations to focus on their primary community-orientated and participatory goals.


Communication is an important element in devising, disseminating and pursuing the organisational goals for all organisations. It involves informing target audiences about frequent, timely and relevant information. Members were consulted with regard their particular needs; as well as staff who are responsive, knowledgeable and passionate about the organisation. Being very different target groups, we found communication approaches wanted by both groups to differ. We surveyed Australian sporting organisations aiming to examine their communication strategies. Not surprisingly, our findings suggest that many organisations think of communication as an after-thought. We argue that sporting organisations are not making the most the latest communication methods, nor progressing with member’s communication desires or what members are actually seeking. Members want electronic, two-way and fast communication tools including electronic newsletter and bulletin boards. This research opens up debate on how community-based media may value-add to the organisational communication mix, and how digital broadcasting can be developed by the community broadcasting sector to enhance the communications capabilities for the not for profit sector.