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Triple R Radiothon 2013

enadmin, 12th August 2013

From 9 - 18 August 2013, it’s time to party with Melbourne's Triple R!

Triple R is a fully independent, non-profit community radio station which is truly listener-funded, relying on listeners’ subscriptions to keep running.

This year's Radiothon theme is 'A Party To Subscribe To' - and once again Triple R is asking listeners to cross the floor and subscribe to support the station.

Subscribers gain access to discounts all around Melbourne, the chance to win one of the many giveaways to Triple R Presents events and films, the massive Radiothon prize draw, and exclusive access to unique subscriber-only film screenings and events in the Triple R Performance Space.

Triple R Radiothon 2013- A party to subscribe to!

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The largest pressure faced by community radio stations is financial. Stations constantly face the reality of how to ensure an adequate operating income in an increasingly competitive mediascape. Van Vuuren (2006c) argues that the extent of the contribution of community media to media democracy in Australia depends largely on how the sector manages commercial pressures. There is a need to ensure more financial stability to allow stations to focus on their primary community-orientated and participatory goals.


One of the guiding principles of community broadcasting in Australia is to support and develop local arts and music, and community radio is meeting this challenge and excelling. The amount of Australian music on community radio has never been higher.


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