2017 CBAA Community Radio Awards

Tips for your CBAA Community Radio Award entry

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 23rd April 2017

Entries for the 2017 CBAA Community Radio Awards are now open and we're excited to see lots of entries streaming in already! For those still working on theirs (or yet to start), here are six quick tips to keep in mind as you craft your entry. 

1. Select the correct award category

Before you go to the hard work of putting an application together, check that you’re entering the most appropriate category. Review the full list of categories and selection criteria.

2. Address the selection criteria and use the word limits provided

The Award entries are taking place via our online platform this year. It's set up to make it easy to address the criteria, upon which each entry will be assessed, leaving no doubt for our judges that you meet each requirement. You'll see that different criteria have different word limits. You should use these word limits as a guide to how much detail is required e.g. if the word limit is 400 words, a 20-word response isn't likely to give the amount of detail needed. Conversely, if you feel like the word limit is too small, remember that it also means that we're looking for a succinct and clear response to that criterion. 

3. Write clearly, concisely and persuasively

It is important that you make sure your application is easy to understand. Remember that this might be the first time a judge is hearing about your station, program, initiative or nominee, so try to give the necessary context to ensure it makes sense. Also, don't be afraid to write persuasively - help the judges understand the significance of your achievements.

4. Be specific where it is called for 

Measurable beats anecdotal! Where possible give exact numbers and concrete examples to show results or improvement in a particular area.

5. Include appropriate supporting materials

Check your category for details on required and optional supporting materials. Make sure you include what is needed to show how you meet the selection criteria. Please note that text-based responses should be included in the given fields, not uploaded as extra documents. All entries related to programs must upload a 30-second byte from the program/event in the attachments tab of the online system (this audio will be used as part of the awards gala dinner presentation for winning entries).

Entries close on 8 May. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or on 02 9310 2999 with any questions.

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