SYN Media launches its Podcast Incubator

SYN Media launches its Podcast Incubator

Katrina Hughes, 12th June 2019

Starting today, SYN will release four original podcasts as the culmination of its Podcast Incubator.

SYN’s Podcast Incubator is a mentoring and professional development program for five emerging producers all under the age of 26. Each production team in the program received an industry mentor, production training and close support from SYN to develop their podcast idea.

The four successful podcasts were chosen through a highly competitive application round open to all SYN volunteers.

The podcasts are:

The Graduate's Cup - Marin Buljan
The Graduate's Cup is a fictional documentary following students from East Keilor High School as they react to a controversial new trial allowing girls to participate in the top male soccer league. Full of drama and conflict, the podcast examines the relationship men and women have with the world of soccer.

Into The Wild - Lily Graydon
At the start of 2019, Lily experienced an existential crisis which lead her to walk from Canberra to Victoria. Listen as Lily takes you with her over 26 days and nights of walking without a phone, watch or GPS.

B.S Cryptid - Ollie Krusec & Rowen Midello
B.S Cryptid is a fictional audio drama. Listen in as two Australians, Bea and Sarina, traverse the United States and encounter weird cats, eerie forests and the quaintest of tea parties in pursuit of elusive cryptids and legends.

The Subtlety of It - Nana 
The Subtlety of It is about having vulnerable, conscious conversations about race, identity, culture and intersectionality with diverse Australian millennials. The philosophy of this podcast is introspection out loud - vocalising internal struggles, identity politics and the process involved in understanding who we are and the world around us.

SYN’s Content Manager, Lindsey Green, developed the Podcast Incubator.

“Making a podcast as a young person, for the first time is challenging. The Podcast Incubator gave these first-time producers the support and resources to produce high quality podcasts,” Lindsey said. “Their podcasts add to diverse landscape of Australian audio storytelling and I’m excited to see what these producers create.”

The Podcast Incubator was made possible with support from Creative Victoria and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Listen to the first episode of The Graduate's Cup via Spotify or Omny. Into The Wild, B.S Cryptid and The Subtlety Of It are coming soon.

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