Sector Leadership Update: March 2019

hfriedlander, 15th March 2019

Find out more about our submission to the Federal Budget process, political responses to the Music and Arts Economy in NSW report and support for community radio, and CBAA's submission to the ACCC - and more.

Summary of Update
  • CBAA submission to the Federal Budget process.
  • Political responses to the Music and Arts Economy in New South Wales report and support for community radio.
  • CBAA submission to the ACCC in regards to access undertakings for digital radio multiplex transmission services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart.
2019/20 Pre-Budget Submission

The CBAA is calling on the Government to improve sustainability and innovation in our vibrant media sector.

The CBAA, in consultation with sector stakeholders, has identified two key policy recommendations that if adopted and implemented will help ensure the sustainability and growth of community broadcasting services to meet identifiable and evolving community needs.

1. Long-term funding certainty: All community radio funding should be made recurrent, indexed and ongoing, rather than on allocation to ensure community broadcasting remains viable and can operate in an environment of certainty.

2. Strengthen financial support for community broadcasting: Funding for the Community Broadcasting Program should be increased by $5.1 million per annum to allow a larger development and operations grants pool (through the General Sustainability and Development Fund) to meet the growing needs of community radio stations.

The CBAA is committed to working with both major political parties, minor parties and independents to create a more certain policy and funding environment in order to optimise the benefits of community radio for all Australians. We are in dialogue with Labor and the Government about their commitments. For more information, read the full submission.

Inquiry into the NSW Music & Arts Economy Music NSW voting graphic

Following our contributions to the Inquiry into the NSW Music & Arts Economy, and the Committee's supportive recommendations, political parties contesting the state election have recently made some announcements in support of community radio.

If elected, Labor has promised $1 million in funding for community radio initiatives, and the Greens and Keep Sydney Open parties have also promised "ongoing funding" for community radio. The CBAA  is in touch with Minister Harwin about the NSW Coalition's commitment to community radio and hope to meet with him to discuss further.

Check out the Music NSW website for up-to-date music policy announcements.

Submission to the ACCC

Assessment of Access Undertaking for Digital Radio Multiplex Transmission Services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart.

The CBAA has made two submissions to the ACCC's consultation and position paper regarding three new access undertakings received in relation to the commencement of digital radio services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart. The suggestions are intended to improve the potential for service diversity and promote access.

The submissions can be read on our website under the Digital Radio heading.

What else has happened recently? CBAA's Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Jon Bisset and Mr Andrew Wilkie MP
  • Jon and Holly went to Canberra and met with staff from the offices of Michelle Rowland MP (Shadow Minister for Communications), Senator Derryn Hinch, Mr Andrew Wilkie MP (pictured, right) and Ms Maria Vamvakinou MP to discuss support for community radio in the lead up to the Federal Election.
  • The CBAA has endorsed calls for safer workplaces for both volunteers and paid workers, highlighting two important submissions to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) national inquiry into sexual harassment.
  • The CBAA has been working with the Community Council of Australia (CCA), Philanthropy Australia, Impact Investing Australia, Volunteering Australia, the Centre for Social Impact, Pro Bono Australia, Our Community, the Australian Scholarships Foundation and Justice Connect about what process may best deliver a plan for the broader charity sector. The CBAA has been supporting the Community Council of Australia’s calls for Government to invest in developing a blueprint for the sector in their Budget Submissions over many years.

Engaging politicians at your station? Got some great pics? Email us and share your stories!

The 2019 Federal Election is coming up quick, most probably in May, and we're working to ensure community radio is favourably supported by all political parties.

You can help keep community radio at the forefront of politicians' minds by connecting with your local candidates so they can see firsthand what you do for your community. Check out the Political Engagement Toolkit for tips, strategies and resources to help you, and watch our recent Political Engagement webinar. There will be an update on our Federal Election Campaign in the April edition of CBX magazine.

If you'd like to provide ideas or feedback into sector leadership matters or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Project Coordinator (Government Relations), Holly Friedlander Liddicoat via email or phone 02 9310 2999.

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