RPH Australia appoints new Chair

Helen Henry, 25th February 2015

RPH Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of its new chair, Vaughn Bennison succeeding Peter Luckett, who departs after 13 years of leadership as Chair of Australia's only radio reading network.

"I am proud to have been voted into this role," said Mr Bennison, "I see it as the coordination of the efforts of the 18 RPH services across Australia, which serve the print media needs of the 4.7 million people in Australia with a print disability."*

Mr Bennison gave tribute to the service of the outgoing Chair, stating he was determined to maintain the momentum of progress that had been established by Mr Luckett.

"RPH holds a privileged position," he said. "We hold 18 community radio licences dedicated to providing equity for the large and growing proportion of the population who cannot access print media for a diverse number of reasons, including physical, literacy, learning and vision disabilities."

Mr Bennison praised the energy and commitment of the 1500 volunteers who provide over 1750 hours of RPH broadcasting per week.

"We have been established since 1978 and are impelled by the growing need for our service in the Australian community. The focus of all our activities for the future is bent on reaching the wide range of people in our community whose quality of life would be greatly enhanced by access to our services."

Mr Bennison has served on the RPH Australia Board six out of the last 16 years, having started as a volunteer and announcer for the network in Brisbane in 1997. He currently manages the Tasmanian operation where he has been located for the last three years.

"RPH plays a unique role in the community broadcasting sector, and a unique role in disability services. Our target group is 22 percent of the population who are officially classified as print disabled.  That is a large part of the population deprived of those fundamentals of social and political equality which print media supplies."

For further information, or to organise an interview with Vaughn Bennison, please contact Maria Walsh, 0417 453 643.

*Ipsos Report, June 2014 : Secondary Research to determine size of National Print Disabled Audience

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