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Radio Sales - Adelaide (SA)

CBAA Communications, 26th March 2019
Adelaide community radio station PBA-FM is looking for radio sales professionals to assist them in securing sponsorship.

PBA-FM is a community radio station providing entertainment, information and access programs to the local community broadcasting from Salisbury.

Volunteers contribute to the operation of the station by working on a regular basis in various areas including such as on-air presentation, programme production, administration, technical, research, library, training and promotions.

The station is seeking $150,000 - $200,000 sponsorship income per annum and is accepting proposals. 

Send your best pitch and package up your offer or proposal to Richard Walford via email at richard.walford@pbafm.org.au by 30 April 2019.

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This study provides a snapshot of the community radio sector in Wales, just over ten years since its inception. It does so at a time of economic instability and focuses on issues pertaining to social gain and sustainability. The McLeish (1986) definition of a radio interview as a ‘conversation with an aim’ (McLeish, 1986) is borrowed here, as an analogy with which to explore the ‘conversations’ between the community radio stations of Wales and others.


This article is intended as a resource for community broadcasters and researchers. It draws on interviews and discussion with community broadcasters and activists to identify practical examples of funding methods. The seven common methods of funding a community station are detailed. These are: support from the station's own community; patronage from a larger organisation; commercial advertising and sponsorship; competitive grants; service contracts; support by NGOs; support by governmental agencies. The article points to resources where the reader can discover more fully how each funding method is used, and concludes that a prudent station may use several methods to help ensure economic sustainability.