Promote your radio program online with Amrap Pages

enadmin, 17th January 2013

Now that funding has been extended, the Amrap Team is rolling out Amrap Pages to more radio programs.

Amrap Pages are webpages that promote what is aired on the radio, through the internet! They are a simple & efficient way for broadcasaters to run a webpage for their program, log playlists, & find content to match the music they air.

  1. Radio programs customise their own Amrap Page with program info, online content and music playlists.
  2. Your Amrap Page automatically finds videos, images and info to match the music you put on your playlist. You select the content you would like to display.
  3. Listeners can view your Amrap Page online and through Facebook (optional) to view this content and to promote your radio program through their social media sites.

Amrap pages can be used for ALL program types not just 100% Australian music programs.

Over 900 community radio programs already use Amrap Pages. You can apply for yours here!

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Amrap is always developing innovative ways to help stations to promote Australian music.


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If you are involved in updating your station's website with events, community notices or playlists these sessions will take you to the next level.