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POSITION: Regional Editorial Coordinator, Alice Springs (NT)

Danny Chifley, 31st August 2020
Do you have journalism and news production skills and experience, good communication skills, good working knowledge of software systems, ideally for news or media sharing, good understanding of training delivery and resource development, knowledge of codes relating to broadcasting and journalism code of ethics, a good working knowledge of the First Nations Media industry, ability to work independently and in a team, and good understanding of the issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities?

First Nations Media Australia, the peak body for First Nations not-for-profit broadcasting, media and communications, seek a Project Coordinator for the First Nations Regional News Capacity Building & Content Sharing Project.

Key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Working with Project Coordinator, software provider and stakeholders to configure the First Nations News sharing platform according to sector needs and cultural protocols
  • Day to day management and moderation of the online news sharing platform to ensure content adheres to journalism code of ethics, broadcast standards, format and production standards 
  • Distribute and promote news content throughout the day 
  • Develop policies and procedures for content contribution, sharing and attribution protocols
  • Engage with existing First Nations news producers (such as NIRS, NITV, Koori Mail, CAAMA, Radio Larrakia/ABA and ICTV) to share stories of national interest via the sharing platform
  • Supporting remote and regional FNMOs and Regional Journalist Network to produce and contribute content to the sharing platform
  • Develop and deliver training webinars and user-friendly resources and online tools on how to upload and download news items or bulletins from the platforms
  • Manage the social media page and distribution channels to promote and amplify news content on the sharing platform
  • Organising webinars

An attractive salary package with salary sacrifice is available. This position is fulltime. This is an Indigenous identified position.  

For a Position Description, please contact Jennifer Nixon, Assistant Manager - First Nations Media Australia on or 08 8952 6465

Applications Close COB Tuesday 8 September 2020.

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First Nations Media Australia, the peak body for First Nations not-for-profit broadcasting, media and communications, seek a Project Coordinator for the First Nations Regional News Capacity Building & Content Sharing Project.


The internet provides a means for non-professional media-makers to produce and publish their own video and audio content, as community television and radio have done for several decades. While the web seems to exemplify the principles of media access and diversity championed by the community media sector, it also raises challenges for broadcast community media participants and their online equivalents, not least being the co-opting of the term ‘community media’ by large commercial interests. A symposium held in Melbourne by Open Spectrum Australia (‘Quality/Control’, State Library of Victoria, Oct 2008) brought together people with a wide range of community media experience to discuss this and other issues, particularly the possibilities for greater cooperation between broadcast and online community media participants.

This paper draws on participant contributions at the symposium to explore the relationship between broadcast and online community media. Despite shared values, we identify different, and possibly incompatible, cultures within the two groups. We argue that this disjoint stems from two different systems of control or validation (licensing and networks), as well as producer-centered accounts of community media that are out of sync with the contemporary media environment. Instead, we propose that theory and practice begin to address issues of consumption in relation to community media, including identification, navigation and the notion of ethical choice.


How is media convergence impacting on established, ‘broadcast-era’ community media? This paper takes SYN (a community radio licensee in Melbourne) as a case study and employs media ethnography and policy analysis to identify contemporary challenges facing community media.

Community media requires a different approach to convergence than that which is commonly associated with the professional creative industries. In the community sphere, convergence is led by members and encouraged through open, participative processes. The ‘open source organisation’ is proposed here as a useful way of thinking through the challenges of convergence and the limitations of Australia’s existing communications policy framework.