New radio series tackles conflict and peace

enadmin, 8th July 2013

This new series from the studios of 4EB Brisbane, with funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, tackles the issues of conflict and peace through the research of peace psychologists.

We talk to counsellors, researchers, peace advocates and citizens about their experiences in this ten-part radio series that covers the breadth of the field from couples conflict, through group conflicts including racism, to national and global conflicts like war. We conclude the series with a vision of a peaceful world through the eyes of psychologists and peace advocates.

The soundtrack of this entertaining and informative series includes a selection of alternative Australian and overseas music. The series is supported by a facebook page where listeners can find more information on the topics we cover and hear complete interviews.

The series is sponsored by Psychologists for Peace, an interest group of the Australian Psychological Society, 4EBfm, 4ZZZfm and the Community Radio Network.  

10 episodes,  27:50 mins each.

Series Producers:  Kim Stewart, Linda Rose and Nathan Renault. Ph: 0413397839.

Find out more:

Edition synopses: download here.


Peace in Mind is playing on the Community Radio Network satellite service Thursdays at 09:04 EST, beginning 1 August 2013, and repeating Tuesdays at 18:04 EST. For more information contact CRN on 02 93102999 or email.



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Ever found yourself sitting next to a carcinologist at a party and within minutes found yourself as excited as they are about lobsters?


Community radio in Australia, and community media in general, has received increased attention from academics in recent years. Forde et al (2002) highlight the need for further study into news and current affairs programming in the community broadcasting sector, saying that they are keen to discover more about its format and content, especially in terms of the attitudes and practices of information-based program producers. This paper attempts to clarify some of these issues by outlining the results of a case study of information-based programming at Brisbane community radio 4ZzZ and adopting a modified citizen’s media framework.


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