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Alex White, 26th October 2012

Community broadcasters continue to innovate on the digital platform with new programming initiatives. “Countdown to The Ring” is a new content initiative and innovative content model for the fine music station sector. Designed to unravel the practical complexities and cultural obsession, associated with Wagner’s epic “The Ring Cycle”, this series is to support and augment Opera Australia’s production of this epic work, which is to be performed in Melbourne in late 2013. 

Marking 200 years since the birth of Richard Wagner, the Fine Music Network is undertaking a collaborative approach to programming, by connecting with each other to contribute into the project. The Fine Music Network includes Fine Music 102.5 (2MBS), 3MBS, 4MBS, 5MBS and ArtSound (Canberra). With support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the project "will enable listeners across Australia to engage with and experience this grand scale work, unlike ever before.”

4ZZZ has created a new role specifically to support its digital programming, Andrew McLellan is the new Zed Digital Content Development Coordinator charged with developing new programs and supporting volunteers to broadcast. "Zed Digital provides a regular stream of new and old music unrepresented on any other local station, before switching each evening to specialist music programs, pop culture, arts, activism, current affairs and freeform radio specials." Explains Andrew. "The pre-recorded programming of ZD gives a new platform to train volunteers in real broadcast production across shows that are entirely new, or popular FM programs edited and repackaged for the station."

The Ring Cycle will begin broadcast in late 2012. A range of new and unique programs are broadcast on Zed Digital including environmental activism with Eco Radio, gaming news with Zed Games, Gay Savvy services the young LGBTIQ community, Live Delay with recordings from gigs in Brisbane and beyond, contemporary and DIY arts with No Brow and freeform electronica on Restless Beat.

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In 2013, Wagner fans across the world will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner.


In a new collaborative venture, the Fine Music Network is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of composer Richard Wagner by creating an exciting new 10-part series - Countdown to the Ring.


On Tuesday the 21st of February, 3MBS launched a new program airing exclusively on the 3MBS Fine Music digital service and online.