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International Paid Internship Opportunity

Danny Chifley, 14th August 2019
Deutsche Welle is Germany's international multimedia broadcaster working in over 30 languages, delivering independent, thoroughly researched and reliable news and information to an audience around the world.

In conjunction with the CBAA, Deutsche Welle is excited to once again offer the Mike Thompson & Clare Atkinson internship - a paid internship opportunity for radio and online journalists from the community broadcasting sector.

Successful applicants will work in the Deutsche Welle multimedia news room in Bonn, Germany. Beginning with a three to six months paid internship, there is the potential for an extended contract or freelance work.

Deutsche Welle will pay one return airfare from Australia to Germany and will help with the paper work and finding accommodation if needed. The monthly payment of 1430€ will allow a student lifestyle in Bonn, right in the centre of Europe.

Interns will start in our English language online newsroom. Deutsche Welle will help organising further experiences at different departments, including DW TV in Berlin.

Interns’ tasks in the newsroom will include:

  • Identifying relevant world news developments for coverage on with a special focus on German and European topics for an international audience
  • Speed writing of news articles for the internet based on news agency material and social media content
  • Producing news content and headlines in accordance with Search Engine Optimization requirements
  • Understanding of criteria for distribution of content via social media platforms
  • Tweeting news and posting content to relevant social media platforms
  • Copy editing English language news articles for publication
  • Page layout
  • Providing input for in-depth reporting and field reporter stories, especially on topics related to Germany
  • Production of multimedia content, including basic video editing and developing infographics


  • University Degree
  • Commitment to community broadcasting
  • Applicants must be native English speakers with proficiency in the German language
  • Experience working in a newsroom with a high content turnover and tight deadlines
  • Work experience in print/online newswriting
  • Work experience on radio and video production
  • Sound knowledge of international politics, especially European issues
  • Experience using social media for journalistic purposes
  • Solid understanding of international media and how to cover stories for a global audience
  • Good technical foundation for learning to deal with browser-based journalism tools and content management systems
  • Ability and willingness to work night shifts
  • Creativity and initiative
  • Ability to work in a team

Deutsche Welle offers our special interns:

  • A multinational and multilingual work environment at DW headquarters in Bonn
  • Exposure to international stories
  • On the job training on the latest journalistic software
  • References from a highly respected international broadcaster
  • The potential of further work opportunities at Deutsche Welle

Please send applications, CVs, copies of university degrees, references and a variety of work samples (USB, CD, DVD, print) to:

Deutsche Welle Internships
c/o Community Broadcasting Association of Australia
PO Box 564
Alexandria NSW 1435

Emailed applications and work samples will not be accepted. An online application form is available here

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with Deutsche Welle and CBAA representatives in Australia. They will also have to pass a German language test and an online journalism test.

Applications close 1st October 2019

If you have any questions about the internship or the application process, please call Esther Blank on 02 9665 9202


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