Annual Review 2015/16

Get a recap on 2015/16 with our Annual Review

Helen Henry, 20th October 2016

We are pleased to present the CBAA's latest Annual Review and share some highlights from the 2015/16 year. 

Read the full Review here, along with our Financial Report for the 2015/16 period.

The CBAA continues to work in three key areas to champion community radio – building station capability, creating a healthy environment for the sector to thrive and strengthening the CBAA’s capacity to provide leadership.

Year on year, we expand upon the ways in which the CBAA works with stations to build their capability and sustainability and have been pleased to see ongoing very high levels of satisfaction amongst our membership, which includes 86% of permanently licensed community broadcasters. CBAA members have a high propensity to recommend our services, with a Net Promoter Score of 28 in 2015, up from 23 in 2014.

New initiatives to support stations this year have included finalising a new PPCA simulcasting licence for community radio stations. Under that licence, community broadcasters simulcasting pay an annual, affordable flat fee, with no per-song rate or revenue percentage applicable. CBAA member stations receive a further 50% discount on that licence fee. For stations seeking tailored data about their listeners, the CBAA reinvigorated its National Listener Survey. Under the new offering, there are substantial cost reductions for stations, greater transparency on the research process and outcomes, and there are more opportunities for stations to derive value through additional research options. The CBAA also expanded the ways in which it supports broadcasters to promote their stations and content online with Radio Website Services (RWS) Premium. RWS Premium helps broadcasters manage their station website and promote their online content through web, social media and mobile phones. Subscribers have access to a suite of online tools purpose built for community radio, which are easy to manage, allowing broadcasters to quickly generate web content that complements their station’s broadcasts and activities. 16 stations have signed up for this service in the first year.

As well as developing and maintaining services for stations, much of the CBAA’s work contributes to creating and maintaining a healthy operating environment that is supportive of community broadcasting organisations and their staff and volunteers. This year, this has included an increase in direct contact with Members of Parliament and other political stakeholders. The CBAA’s work in this area is focused on continuing the positive, bi-partisan support enjoyed by our sector for over 40 years. While the sector’s current operating environment has its challenges, we have also seen the largest listenership on record this year. The July 2016 National Listener Survey shows that more than 5.2 million people across Australia are listening each week. Radio continues its incredible longevity as a media platform and, in a world in which media diversity and local content are continually under threat, community radio continues to thrive.

The CBAA continues to build upon its own strength to lead and support the sector. In 2015/16, we welcomed a new President, Phillip Randall, and Vice President, Melanie Withnall, as well as new Board member Anne Frankenberg. All three directors have an incredible wealth of sector experience and are well placed to oversee the CBAA’s progress.

Looking ahead, we know that we must continue to support licensed community broadcasters to continue to evolve in a multi-platform world. In the coming year, the CBAA’s focus will be on broad consultation for our sector’s Codes of Practice review, continued involvement in the Community Broadcasting Foundation’s review of its structure, governance and grants processes to support changes that benefit all applicants, regional digital radio planning, the development of a governance improvement project for stations and progression of a community radio awareness campaign.

Finally, reflecting on this year past is a fantastic opportunity to thank everyone involved in the CBAA’s activities. Thank you to our dedicated staff, loyal and engaged members, the Community Broadcasting Foundation and other sector organisations, the Department of Communications and our partners and sponsors. We look forward to continuing to work together to champion, support and build upon community radio in years to come.

Phillip Randall, CBAA President

Jon Bisset, CBAA Chief Executive Officer

Annual Review 2015/16 - snapshot

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"Pulling these reports together is always a great chance to take the time to reflect on the last 12 months or so, which has often passed in the blink of an eye and seems a blur on first inspection." - CBAA Chief Executive Officer Jon Bisset.


The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia has this weekend welcomed a new President, Phillip Randall, and bid a fond farewell to Adrian Basso.


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