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enadmin, 13th November 2014

Coverage of the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane continues on CRN this week. If you have any questions about accessing this content for local rebroadcast contact CRN staff on 02 9310 299 or email [email protected].


4ZZZ newsroom special
In this CRN G20 special, we look at the stated purpose behind the event and bring you the news from the community level. Looking back at the Toronto G20 we ask how Brisbane might turn out the same. We examine what's not being discussed on the agenda such as climate change, fossil fuel divestment and Indigenous rights. Right now Brisbane would have to be Australia's most tightly-controlled open-air theatre. The near-constant buzz of helicopters can be heard throughout the day. Police cruise the streets in marked and unmarked cars and mill on street corners, while a camp of disaffected protesters grows nearby. But the crowd for this spectacle continues to decline. Security tightens by the day with new areas coming under lockdown. 4ZZZ's newsroom brings you the low-down on all the issues, from an overview of the summit, the protest groups involved and a range of critiques of concepts underpinning it. Tune into this CRN special for the real story.

Playing Friday 14 November at 11:04 EDT (30 mins). Will record to DDN computers as "G20 Special" via Extras 1.

Stick Together
Welcome to CountryThis week Stick Together (3CR) comes to you live from the Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy in Musgrave Park, Brisbane. We're bringing you coverage from Decolonisation before profit, a week of resistance and protest against the capitalist powers meeting for the G20. We heard from Aunty Dawn Daylight about the theft of her wages as an aboriginal child removed from her family and indentured into domestic labour. And we spoke with Dr. Ros Kidd, a researcher whose work has uncovered much oif the documentation being used by thousands of QLD elders to demand decades of wages from the government.

Played Wednesday 12 November at 18:04 EDT, and now in DDN folders. Contact CRN if you missed this first time around.

The Wire - Indigenous groups push for decolonisation at G20
With the G20 summit about to kick off in Brisbane, indigenous groups have used the occasion to push for decolonisation and indigenous sovereignty. The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy is calling for "Decolonisation Before Profit", and is using the international spotlight on Brisbane to inspire other indigenous people around the world.     As part of the program, young indigenous people gathered in Brisbane for the Warriors of Resistance forum. The event aimed to promote discussion about the roles and responsibilities of young indigenous people in their fight for decolonisation. Direct link.

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The responsibility of First Nations media to push against the tide of mainstream dialogues about and on behalf of First Nations people was a recurring theme at the recent CONVERGE conference in Brisbane, 13-15 March.


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