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Future Delivery of Radio Services in Australia - submission

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 27th September 2019

Future Delivery of Radio Services in Australia

In May 2019, the ACMA released a discussion paper seeking feedback from industry about the drivers of radio industry change; the suitability of alternative audio content delivery platforms; alternative spectrum approaches needed to support radio in the future; and the impact of new delivery platforms on broadcasting policy objectives and the existing regulatory framework.

The CBAA, after consulting with members, Sector Representative Organisations and key stakeholders made a submission.

The CBAA's submission emphasised that any changes to legislation, regulation or how services are broadcast must continue to enshrine key principles for the public good: that there is diversity in terms of media ownership and control, and that a mix of broadcast services remain free-to-receive. We put forward positions in support of options for extending digital radio, and mechanisms to support the future of free-to-air radio in the digital age.

The full submission is now available to read, alongside all other submissions on our website.

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Digitisation and structural change offer greater opportunities for service improvements, diversity of content, media participation and social inclusion - .but what are the optimal policy and regulatory settings to ensure that the sector continues to deliver high quality services?


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