Feature interview with musician Rob Hirst

enadmin, 3rd November 2014

An album release interview with acclaimed musician Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil, The Break, and the Ghostwriter’s drummer and songwriter) is now available for local broadcast.

Rob chose to launch the album in Byron, his beloved second home, and talked live in the studio on Bay FM's The Elephant Room with Nyck Jeanes.

This 55'50 minute piece features tracks and talk about the genesis of the album, and his collaboration with his daughter, Berlin-based artist Gabriella, whose painted songbirds form the artwork for the CD. Nyck also chats to Gabriella in Berlin. But more than that Rob ranges widely, on his childhood, Midnight Oil, touring, the environment, family and politics.

Listen up for Rob Hirst, his life, his work. Produced and presented by Nyck Jeanes for Bay FM in Byron Bay, October 2014, and now available through the Community Radio Network.

55'50 minutes. Playing live-to-air via satellite on Wednesday 5 November in Extras 1 at 13:04 EDT.

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