From the Embers 2: Phoenix - Disappearing Swiftly - Ep 4

Amy Leiper, 15th June 2022

When the megafires of 2019/2020 tore through the South Coast of NSW, they damaged communities, homes and landscapes. They also destroyed forests that home the critically endangered Swift Parrot. Straight after the fires, logging companies and urban developers moved in on the ravaged bush while some South Coast communities took action to protect vulnerable species and their habitat. 

Content warning this feature contains stories from the 2019/2020 Fires. 

From the Embers, Season 2 Episode 4 Guests:

  • Bill Eger
  • Nick Hopkins
  • Jordan Nye
  • Dr. Debbie Saunders

Images from Episode 4.

Mogo post fires 
Greater Glider post fire (supplied Nick Hopkins) and Mogo protest side of highway (supplied Alice Ansara).

From the Embers, Season 2 Episode 4 Credits:

  • Producer: Alice Ansara
  • Executive producer, presenter and sound design: Sarah Mashman
  • Engineer: Tegan Nicholls
  • Theme music by Oliver Beard
  • Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions
  • Management team: Abe Killian and Sime Knezevic

This episode was made on the lands of the Walbunga and the Budawang people of the Yuin Nation and the lands of the muwinina people from Country around nipaluna. These lands were never ceded .

From the Embers Season 2: Phoenix is supported by The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and IdeasThe Paul Ramsay FoundationMonash University’s Fire to Flourish program and The Minderoo Foundation Fire and Flood Resilience Initiative and broadcast across Australia via the Community Radio Network, and available to listen on Community Radio Plus.

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