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Drive more listeners to your station through Community Radio Plus

Joshua Cole, 16th August 2023

The CBAA is pleased to introduce broadcasters to a promotional kit to encourage listeners to engage with their favourite stations through the free Community Radio Plus app.

The kit contains:

  • a series of professionally produced radio spots, created by Eardrum — the most awarded audio agency globally
  • announcer liners
  • customisable posters
  • customisable social templates
  • information about an upcoming webinar with Eardrum and CBAA
  • information about an exciting competition to win CBAA Conference tickets and accommodation 

Almost every community radio station with a stream is represented on the Community Radio Plus app, which lets listeners:

  • hear your station wherever they are
  • share your station with their friends and family
  • listen to your station on smart speakers and connected home devices
  • see a program schedule of what's coming up

Click here to access the kit.

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The team at CBAA is always working on ways to make it easier to listen to community radio, and we are proud to announce the following additions to the ways that listeners can access Community Radio Plus:

  • Amazon Alexa devices
  • Android Auto in compatible vehicles
  • Apple CarPlay in compatible vehicles
  • Sonos devices

You've got your website, your socials, your email marketing - but we're here to make it easy for you! Look inside for tips on how to promote Community Radio Plus online.


Get everything you need to promote it to your listeners.