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Discuss, share, learn - two new CBAA conference sessions announced

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 18th August 2017
Two new forums providing women and young people the chance to discuss the issues facing them in community broadcasting have been added to the alreading bursting 2017 CBAA Conference program.

These new additions will be joing an all-star lineup of workshops, forums and speakers. The CBAA Conference is the perfect place to learn about, engage with and discuss the community broadcasting sector with experts, sector leaders, broadcasters and your peers. It will give you the latest information across all areas of community broadcasting as well as provide you with the opportunity to network within the industry.

The new sessions will provide a much needed platform for youth and women to discuss issues affecting them within the sector and ideas to combat them.

Youth Forum

This forum welcomes conference delegates under 26 years of age, to meet and discuss the role that young people play in community broadcasting, and any issues young people are facing at a station or sector-wide level. Where relevant, ideas discussed in this forum will be presented to the CBAA Board. Lunch will be provided.

Presented by the CBAA Board's Youth Representative, Pip Younes.

Want to learn more and help set the agenda for the session? Attend our upcoming webinar: Young people in community broadcasting on 18 October.

Women's Forum

This forum provides an opportunity for discussing issues facing women in community broadcasting at a station and sector-wide level, and ideas to overcome them. Where relevant, ideas discussed in this forum will be presented to the CBAA Board via the new CBAA Board Women’s Representative, to be elected on the day. Join in this session to have your say on women in community radio, share your experiences and network. Lunch will be provided.

Want to learn more and help set the agenda for the session or are interested in becoming the next CBAA Women's Representative? Attend our upcoming webinar: Women in community broadcasting on 11 October.

These workshops will sit amongst others including:

  • Using Communication & Partnerships to Engage Young People
  • Your Station's Place in the Community Radio Network
  • The Power of Connecting to Your Local Business Community
  • Radio Replay – A Revolution for Australian Music and Programming
  • Build From Your Strengths with a Station Content Strategy
  • How To Recruit Amazing New Board Directors with Diversity From Your Membership and Beyond
  • Tech Boot Camp for the Non-Technical: What You Need to Know About Your Station's Stuff
  • CBF Grants: Outcomes, Ideas and Tips

As well as other sessions including our keynote by Tania de Jong - Voices of Innovation - The Power of Positive Human Collisions and the Media Lab - Get hands-on in practical sessions in our Media Lab.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity, earlybird tickets are still on sale until the 25 August! Save up to $110 on your ticket.

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Workshops on engaging and building partnerships with young people and exchanging content have been added to the bustling 2017 CBAA Conference program.


*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
The CBAA is facilitating a webinar for women in community broadcasting ahead of the mainstay Women's Forum that occurs each year at the CBAA Conference.


*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*

This session will provide an opportunity for young people in community broadcasting to discuss ideas and issues of relevance to them at both a station and sector level, as well as setting the agenda for the Youth Forum to be held at the 2017 CBAA Conference.