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CRN's Jailbreak presents at the International Prison Radio Conference 2022

Amy Leiper, 21st June 2022
Jailbreak, a program distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network, presented at the International Prison Radio Conference 2022 in Oslo earlier this month. The conference is the world’s first in-person international prison radio conference and was led and organised by Røverhuset, in partnership with the Norwegian Department for Corrections. Started in 2014, Røverhuset is the first radio program created by incarcerated people to be broadcast nationally in Norway in 2017.

Around the world there is a growing movement in using radio – prison radio – as a force for good in criminal justice settings. Today, content is being produced in many different languages in prisons across the globe. This work is changing and even saving lives of incarcerated men, women and children. This work gives a voice to incarcerated people.

The movement is contributing to a growing public dialogue and interest in how criminal justice systems are managed. Cooperation between producers and experts in the field has been growing steadily during the last decade. 2020 and 2021 saw the first international prison radio conferences, held online. Delegates represented non-profits, academic institutions, community radio, public radio and podcast networks. As a mutually supportive global community is developing, people in the sector are sharing challenges and achievements. A range of different approaches across borders are being illuminated and this diversity and exchange will deliver impact.

Jailbreak is a 30 min or 1 hour weekly national prison radio program reaching out with stories, music and poetry to people in custody, their families and communities across Australia. The radio program forms NSW Health's Jailbreak Health Project (JHP) and is based at Sydney's Community Restorative Centre (CRC), an independent organisation, providing post release and family support in NSW.

Underpinning all project work is the delivery of targeted harm minimization health promotion about the risks in prison of exposure to blood born viruses and sexually transmitted infections. Jailbreak is produced at Sydney's 2SER 107.3 FM broadcasting, streaming Sundays 9.30 PM and Thursdays 5 AM and nationally on the Community Radio Network (CRN) to a growing number of regional and metropolitan radio stations including:

Sydney’s Koori Radio 93.7 FM Mondays 10 PM, Sundays 11 PM

Melbourne’s 3CR 885 AM Fridays 10.30 AM

Canberra's 2XX 98.3 FM Wednesdays 10 AM 

Broken Hill’s 2 DRY FM Mondays 9 PM

Bathurst, Orange and the Central West 2MCE 92.3 FM & 94.7 FM Thursdays 10 PM

Nowra's Bay & Basin 92.7FM Saturdays 9.30 PM

Kempsey's TANK FM Fridays 11.30 PM

Castlemaine's 94.9 MAINfm Sundays 11 PM

For enquires about broadcasting Jailbreak, contact the CBAA

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