CRN Segments Round 4: Understanding Your Health (Hobart FM)

amclellan, 27th February 2017
What is 'dia-besity' and how do we combat it?
  • Producer: Alan T Raby
  • Station: Hobart FM, Tasmania
  • Duration: 05:00 to 06:00 minutes per segment (varies)
  • Tags: health, wellbeing, medicine, ageing
  • Suitable for: health and wellbeing programs, standalone broadcast, between programs
  • Download PDF icon Understanding Your Health Episode Synopses

My own experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer and chronic lymphocytic cancer (CLL), and my subsequent research, treatment and efforts to maintain my natural immune system so that there is no return led to this series. 

In Understanding Your Health, I speak with two GPs who are members of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). Both are keen for patients to be more informed about their illnesses and more actively involved in their treatment. After becoming GPs they undertook extra study in nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes that can improve recovery from illnesses.

Hear about some of the specifics of a healthy diet, nutrition, and supplements.

These and many other Segments are available for broadcast on your local station. Download all episodes here.

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