Community radio raises community spirit as it raises over $1.5m for miracles

Amy Leiper, 1st September 2021

Christian Blind Mission (CBM) highlighted the work done by Christian community radio stations for their annual fundraising event.

The stations raised over $1.5m in their annual fundraising event for CBM’s Miracles Day. Held on 19 August, the event raises money to perform sight-saving operations for thousands who are blind from cataracts. More than 33 Christian radio stations across Australia participated.

The determined group of community radio stations, many of them CBAA members, once again took on the challenge and worked tirelessly for those less fortunate. Even with the COVID pandemic, these stations were able to get their communities behind them for this worthwhile cause.

Jane Edge, CEO of CBM Australia says that there is a small window of time where children with cataracts can be operated on, to avoid permanent loss of vision.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on people with disabilities living in poverty and is causing delays for many people with compromised vision needing surgery. CBM is working on the ground with our partners to ensure children and adults, who could experience irreparable damage if surgery was delayed, are able to still receive surgery. Because the cost of the surgery is out of reach for so many, CBM and Christian community radio stations partner each year on Miracles Day to raise the funds needed to provide people with the necessary sight-saving surgery.”

Ms Edge said that in the current climate, and with so many of the participating radio stations in areas of lockdown in NSW, Victoria, and ACT, it was testimony to their commitment to helping those in need that the day not only went ahead – but that their on-air teams inspired Australians to respond so generously.

“At a time when so many Australians feel paralysed by what is going on around them, in our nation and overseas, Christian community radio stations showed them something simple that they could do to help bring hope and healing to those living needlessly blind overseas.”

Since Miracles Day began nine years ago, Australians have given almost 300,000 gifts of sight. 

Worldwide, more than 60 million people have cataracts, which are the world’s leading cause of blindness. The majority live in the world’s poorest countries - where surgery is often out of reach. 

Anyone can give someone the miracle of sight for just $33 by calling 131 226 or donating at

CBM Australia has been operating for over 30 years and is part of the world’s largest disability development organisation. CBM works to empower people with disabilities who live in some of the poorest places in the world, breaking down the barriers that stop them from reaching their full potential.

In low-income countries, people living with disability are often unable to access basic rights and services and are often excluded from employment, and social and community activities. Without these opportunities, people with disability often fall deeper into poverty. Globally, CBM works to break this persistent cycle. Disability and poverty go hand in hand, so CBM tackle them together.

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