Coalition lagging behind on community broadcasting

enadmin, 26th August 2013

On Monday, 26 August 2013, the Labor party outlined its position on the future of community broadcasting – leaving the Coalition the only major party yet to reveal its hand.

The ALP has released a response outlining its commitment to ongoing funding for the sector, following Commit to Community Radio supporters calling on the party to reveal its plans for community broadcasting.  

The response states that 'A re-elected Rudd Labor Government will continue to support the community broadcasting sector to serve their audiences into the future.'

Labor has also guaranteed to consult with the sector over the digital radio roll-out and to closely consider the recommendations of the Stevens Review into Indigenous broadcasting.

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia President Adrian Basso said that with the Greens releasing its plans last week, the pressure is now on the Coalition to reveal where they stand.

'While modest, Federal Government funding and policy support is crucial to the community broadcasting sector’s ongoing operation and development. The Coalition needs to listen to the calls from the community and reveal how the party will support community broadcasters before it's time to vote.' Mr Basso said.

'Historically, the Coalition has been very supportive of community broadcasting, establishing community digital radio and acknowledging the important role community broadcasters play in regional areas,'

'Community broadcasting supporters deserve to know where the major parties stand on issues that matter to them before we go to the polls on 7 September'

Through the Commit to Community Radio website, supporters are emailing their local political candidates asking where they stand on community broadcasting.

For more information on community broadcasting and to join the Commit to Community Radio campaign go to

To see a copy of the Labor party’s plans for community broadcasting click here.

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We are pleased that the community broadcasting sector continues to receive wide support across the political spectrum.


The CBAA welcomes the Australian Greens’ commitment to a digital future for community radio.


On Monday, 19 August 2013, the Greens announced that they will commit an additional $27 million per annum to community broadcasting. This announcement has paved the way for other political parties to reveal their plans for growth for this vital sector.