City Road

amclellan, 13th December 2017

Gentrification, renting, land rights, investors, discrimination, homelessness: how do we plan our cities?

Over two weeks, the Community Radio Network will be distributing City Road: stories of cities and urban life from the researchers at the Urban Housing Lab within the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at The University of Sydney.

Over 10 episodes, hear from global experts unpacking the way the smart city conjures up images of driverless cars and automatic coffee machines, to Airbnb's impact on local neighbourhoods. 

City Road tackles topics on pets, foreign housing investment, smart cities, population growth, and homelessness with guests from around the world.   

Each edition of City Road runs for 25'50.

Mon 18 Dec

Airbnb and Cities

Is Airbnb really about sharing, or are they about big business and profitmaking?

Tue 19 Dec

Pets and Cities

There are more than 24 million pets in Australian homes. But our cities are not the easiest places to own a pet.

Wed 20 Dec

Foreign Investment & Cities

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Chinese are the only foreign investors buying housing in Sydney and Melbourne.

Thu 21 Dec

Digital Cities

The terms ‘Car Sharing’ and ‘Smart Homes’ conjure up images of driverless cars and automatic coffee machines.

Fri 22 Dec

Smart Cities

The ‘Smart City’ is not an urban planning term, it was dreamed up by large global tech companies.

Mon 25 Dec

Race and Cities

Is the history of urban and land use planning connected to racial discrimination in the U.S.?

Tue 26 Dec

Population & Cities

Can cities experience growing pains? Not the pains we usually associate with awkward teenagers but the growing pains of population and economic growth.

Wed 27 Dec

Homeless Cities

The state government recently passed legislation to remove a group of homeless people camped for several months in Sydney’s central business district.

Thu 28 Dec

Land and Cities

What is the secret life of land title registration? The Torrens system of land title registration, developed in South Australia in 1858, is fast becoming the most popular system of land conveyancing and administration around the world.

Fri 29 Dec

History and Cities

In Washington, DC, neighbourhood activists attempted to make themselves at home in their city by using the techniques of neighbourhood preservation. What became clear in that process is that those who control the historical narrative about a neighbourhood often have the power to shape its character and identity.



Hosted by Dallas Rogers (pictured), an academic at The University of Sydney and a Broad Member of Radio SkidRow.

Dallas is the founding producer of City Road and produces radio for The Conversation’s Speaking With… podcast series.

Executive Producer: Nicola Joseph

Sound editing: Nicola Joseph and Dallas Rogers

City Road Podcast received funding from the Urban Housing Lab for the first 10 episodes.

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  • Edited for a national audience
  • Broadcasting in place of The Wire - weekdays 17:04 to 17:30 AEDT
  • Running from Monday 18 December to Friday 29 December
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  • All 10 parts available for download - email [email protected]
  • For more information contact CRN staff on 02 9310 2999 or email [email protected]
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