CBAA Webinar - Podcasting Essentials

WEBINAR: Podcasting Essentials – 2 July 2020

Danny Chifley, 22nd June 2020
Podcasting continues to be a buzz word in 2020. Audiences are increasingly turning to downloadable content that interests them, and that they can listen to in their own time. So, what are some of the things you need to consider before you start a podcast?

In this session you’ll find out how, when, why and if you should get into podcasting. It will look at the different genres, what’s most popular out there at the moment, and how to make your podcast sustainable. 

Join us as we explore:

  • What to ask yourself before you begin
  • What gear you will need
  • The importance of the audience. Who is your podcast for?
  • Why audio fundamentals are essential
  • Once you have made it, how people can hear it
  • How to promote your podcast and grow an audience

Tony RasmussenPresented by Tony Rasmussen – Radio Senior Lecturer at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS)

Tony is a Senior Lecturer in Radio at AFTRS, Australia’s premier broadcast school dedicated to enriching culture through education and training, research, and the dissemination of ideas.

Tony is a highly experienced radio professional with rich and varied experience in broadcasting and multimedia across a 40-year career at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He has extensive hands-on experience as a Radio Producer, Content Director, and Editor of the network’s national portfolio of programs. Tony has also managed Regional Local Radio at the ABC, leading a team of over 300 Local and ABC Rural content makers across the country. 


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*Past webinar, click through to watch recording*

This session will discuss principles and practices for building and maintaining a strong team culture that will help your station address conflict (or even avoid it altogether) and stay focused on your community. 


The energy and passion from community broadcasters from across the country was palpable at the recent CBAA conference in Melbourne!


*Past webinar, click through to watch recording*

Community radio listeners often tune in to hear local news and information. So how can stations without a newsroom or a team of journalists provide more current affairs content? Or how can an individual program maker get started with making this sort of content?