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CBAA Proud to Support the National Strategy for Volunteering

Joshua Cole, 8th May 2024

CBAA is thrilled to announce our official commitment as a supporter of the National Strategy for Volunteering. By aligning ourselves with this important initiative, we are dedicated to advancing the National Strategy's vision and strategic objectives. We recognise the immense value of volunteering in Australia, driving positive social impact, and creating a more cohesive society.

We encourage you to join us as official supporters of the National Strategy for Volunteering. Together, we can amplify our collective impact and create lasting change in communities nationwide. Visit the Coalition of Support webpage to pledge your support and become part of this transformative movement.

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The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia is partnering with The Centre for Volunteering to promote the benefits of volunteering in the community broadcasting sector.


The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and RPH Australia (RPHA) announced their agreement to work collaboratively has been extended for another three years to 30 June 2024 to benefit the Radio Reading Network. Under the agreement extension, CBAA and RPHA will continue to be co-managed by Jon Bisset, the CBAA CEO, but will remain governed by two separate boards of directors. This will preserve the uniqueness of the Network’s programs and services


A range of interesting community-based media initiatives have emerged from the chaos of New Zealand’s broadcasting system. This paper theorises experiences of innovations in community television in this environment. It considers the significance and relationship of these local new media practices to the dynamic complexity of the global media system.