CBAA Annual Review and Financial Report 2018/2019

Katrina Hughes, 8th October 2019

The CBAA would like to take this opportunity to share the PDF icon CBAA Annual Review 2018/2019 and PDF icon CBAA Financial Report 2018/2019.  

Presenting these reports is a great way to take the time to reflect on the last 12 months, and fill our members in on the happenings of another busy and exciting year.

The CBAA recognises that community broadcasting is a vital part of the Australian media landscape and we are leaders for the community broadcasting sector. The CBAA philosophy, in accordance with our mission, is to work in the interests of, and for the benefit of the broader community broadcasting sector.

The CBAA has six aspirations.

Our efforts in each of these areas contribute towards achieving the sector’s aspiration: that community broadcasting is recognised as excellent, innovative, sustainable, accessible, diverse and trusted. Further, we pride ourselves in being a key pillar in Australian broadcasting, reflecting and contributing to our open society, strong democracy and vibrant culture. 

  1. High quality, member driven services
  2. A credible and influential advocate
  3. Financial viability
  4. A great place to work
  5. Insights used effectively to guide strategy
  6. Satisfied customers

Other key activities we've undertaken this year have included:

CBAA election campaign 2019

The CBAA ran a positive election campaign, working hard to translate support for community broadcasting amongst sitting members of Parliament and candidates across the major parties, minor parties and independents into better policy settings to allow the sector to thrive. An ongoing policy position of the CBAA is to ensure that all funding received by the sector is made recurrent, indexed and ongoing, including newer funding earmarked for the enhanced national news service, online streaming services and enhanced national training.  

CBAA Submissions

  • Inquiry into the Music and Arts Economy in New South Wales - July 2018
  • Inquiry into Charity Fundraising in the 21st Century - August 2018
  • Inquiry into the Australian Music Industry - August 2018
  • National Arts and Disability Strategy Consultation - December 2018
  • ACCC regarding Access Undertakings for Digital Radio Multiplex Transmission Services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart (submission 1 & 2) - December 2018 and February 2019
  • 2019 Federal Budget process – May 2019

Research Strategy to better understand and meet the needs of the organision, stations and the sector

  • 2018 Programming and Technology Survey
  • National Listener Survey 
  • 2018 Financial Health of Community Radio 

Please find more details of our activities this year in the full PDF icon CBAA Annual Review 2018/2019 and PDF icon CBAA Financial Report 2018/2019.  


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