Call For Comment: CBF Structure and Governance Review Discussion Paper

enadmin, 28th October 2014

The CBAA invites its members to give feedback on a discussion paper concerning the Community Broadcasting Foundation's (CBF) Structure and Governance Review.

The CBAA Board is supportive of CBF reform and considers the commissioning of the review by the CBF as a constructive step in ensuring that it can deliver on its mission and support the community broadcasting sector well into the future. 
The Board welcomes the CBF's decision to make the report publicly available. CBF has also sought feedback from the CBAA and the discussion paper is one of a range of consultation processes with CBAA members and stakeholders that will guide the CBAA Board in the development of a final position. Further consultation will include a forum at the CBAA Conference and stakeholder meetings.
Stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback and written comments should be forwarded to the CBAA General Manager Jon Bisset via email before 12 noon on 24 November 2014.
If you have any questions, please contact the CBAA on 02 9310 2999.


In April 2014, the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) appointed Nous Group to undertake an independent review of CBF’s Structure and Governance. The objective of the consultancy was to provide an independent assessment of how the CBF can best structure its governance and funding programs to serve the needs of the community broadcasting sector in the medium term. 
Based on this evaluation the consultants have provided 34 recommendations for variation to the CBF’s current structure and governance, and the funding model that underpins them. The CBAA is looking forward to helping the CBF assess each of the Nous Group recommendations and to assist in the development of a considered and well informed path forward.
For further information, please see the full discussion paper.

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The CBF has published a consultation paper detailing a proposed new structure & governance model and is inviting comment and feedback on the proposed changes.


The CBAA has interviewed the Community Broadcasting Foundation's President, Peter Batchelor to find out more about the CBF Structure & Governance review - including the CBF's position on the recommendations provided, how stations can have their voices heard and when we can expect to see changes implemented.


As part of its review of its structure and governance, the CBF has now released a second discussion paper for feedback from the sector.