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Apply To Join the CRN Advisory Committee

Lachlan Wyllie, 24th April 2018

Question Mark CharacterApplications are now open to join the CRN Advisory Commitee.

Would you like a say in the programming decisions made by the CBAA's Community Radio Network distribution service?

The CBAA is seeking applications from community broadcasting personnel to join the CRN Advisory Committee from July 2018.

About the CRN-AC

The Community Radio Network Advisory Committee (CRN-AC) advises the CBAA on issues relating to the programming of the Community Radio Network. The CRN-AC acts as a forum for CRN staff, the CBAA, subscriber stations, program makers and the CBF. It provides advice to CRN in relation to program selection and assessment of existing programs.

Applications for appointment to the CRN-AC are invited from CRN subscribers and program makers annually. Term of office is usually two years, with the CBAA Board appointing half of the CRN-AC each year. The committee meets by teleconference quarterly, and communicates via email and telephone. Representatives are asked to listen to and make comment on content distribution applications and programs under review regularly throughout the year.

The CBAA seeks to maintain diversity on all representative committees, and as such is particularly keen to hear from a broad range of nominees. Representation from stations actively using the CRN service is also essential for the committee make-up.

Appointment process

Members of the CRN-AC are appointed by the CBAA Board from applications received based on skills and experience, and also to reflect the diversity and geographic spread of the sector. Notification of appointments will follow as soon as practical following the corresponding Board meeting. The CBAA Board appoints a representative from among its number to chair the CRN-AC.

Membership structure

Membership of the CRN-AC must comprise of at least one member from each of the following groups:

  • A member of the CBAA Board, who is appointed Chair
  • Two representative(s) from regional/rural stations
  • A representative from a metropolitan/sub-metropolitan station
  • A CRN program maker
  • The CRN manager (or their nominee)
  • A CBF Content Grants Advisory Committee representative


Entries close 23:59 AEST on 9 May 2018

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The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has released details of who has been appointed to its Board, advisory committees and grant assessors pool.


The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) Board recently appointed David Melzer as Vice-President of the Foundation. David has been involved in broadcasting for more than 20 years - as a volunteer, broadcaster, trainer, manager, board member and consultant in the community broadcasting sector and with the ABC. He has worked as a station manager at remote, regional and metropolitan stations serving general, ethnic, Indigenous and specialist music community interests.


Nominations are now open.