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Helen Henry, 31st May 2016

Applications for the CBAA's 2016 Conference Scholarships are now open.

The ten scholarships, valued at almost $1,100 each, provide opportunities for under-resourced stations, volunteers and staff to attend the CBAA Conference - Australia's largest gathering of community broadcasters and an unrivaled opportunity to learn, network, share knowledge and see how other stations are doing things. This year, each scholarship recipient will win a 2-year Hindenburg Broadcaster licence for their station, which can be installed on up to two station machines.

For Hills Radio 88.9 FM's Lauren Francis, the scholarship she received in 2015 provided an introduction to the wider community radio sector and inspiration to take back to her home station.

"The CBAA scholarship that I received was beneficial to me understanding how the community radio sector works as, at the time, I was new to community radio and had no idea about what happened. I was introduced to programs like Amrap that help show producers and presenters to find Australian musicians with ease. The conference encouraged me to explore the big ideas I may have had for the station despite its smaller size. I was also encouraged by the CBAA's work in creating gender and age equality in the youth and female forums. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to attend this event, meaning the relationships and vital information I gain would not have come to be... I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to go to the conference this year. I have learnt many things and been able to meet some great people from all over the sector."

Find out more about who is eligible and the selection criteria. Note, submissions close at midnight on 19 June 2016

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Scholarships provide invaluable opportunities for under-resourced stations, volunteers and staff to attend the CBAA Conference to learn, network, share knowledge and participate in discussions to which they wouldn't otherwise be exposed.


Applications for the CBAA's 2018 Conference Scholarships are now open.


The CBAA is excited to announce and congratulate the recipients of the 2016 CBAA Conference Scholarships, which are valued at almost $1,100 each and assist 10 community radio station representatives with costs to attend the CBAA Conference.