Charlotte Betts-Dean

3MBS launch new digital only program 'Sketching Impressions'

Alex White, 22nd February 2012

On Tuesday the 21st of February 3MBS launched a new program airing exclusively on the 3MBS Fine Music digital service and online.

Sketching Impressions is a monthly live broadcast featuring Australian musicians performing new Australian repertoire and other works. The series will focus on contemporary fine music education practice in Australia and its influence on contemporary musical performance and composition. The series will provide an opportunity for a curator to offer an analysis of performed works, insights & personal perspectives.

The first episode featured live to air performances curated by, Paul Dean, Artistic Director of the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM);.

Gabrielle Waters, 3MBS Fine Music Station Manager described the station's approach to digital radio and online content:

"Our digital and online platforms embrace the evolution of radio technology and innovation. They have the potential to increase our listener reach throughout Melbourne, Statewide, Nationally and internationally. It is our intention that more content will become exclusively available on our digital service, diversifying programming options for our listeners"

Listeners can tune in to hear this program at 7pm on the third Tuesday of each Month on 3MBS Fine Music (Digital Radio).

Sketching Impressions is an AMRAP funded project, kindly supported via the Community Broadcasting Foundation.


Image of Charlotte Betts-Dean , soprano performing in the 3MBS Marigold Southey Performance Studio.

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