2SER finds fresh voices and new programming

enadmin, 25th March 2013

2SER will unveil exciting new programming changes in May including a local news service and a regular paid breakfast show.

After four months of community consultation, 2SER will unveil exciting new programming changes in May including a local news service and a regular paid breakfast show.
2SER's programming review found that listeners want more local news and information, as well as the flagship music programs 2SER is so well known for.
With more than 40 applications for new programs, 2SER has struck a balance between old favourites and innovative new programs.
2SER Managing Director Melanie Withnall said the quality of applications had been very high and revealed a need for regular programming reviews to ensure more people could have a go contributing.
“The station takes its role as an educational broadcaster very seriously,” Ms Withnall said. “The new programming review includes more opportunities for students to make radio and get practical experience at the station. 2SER has also revised its production model to allow for more 'off air' volunteer roles to be created.
“News and current affairs hours have increased, with some new specialist talk shows coming on board, as well as more 'magazine-style' programming. There will also be student run programs, and a creative audio, documentary and features show.
"After an exhaustive review process, 2SER is playing to its strengths, and programming staff have found some fresh and innovative voices for Sydney's airwaves. In a changing media landscape, community radio stations need to innovate to stay relevant, especially when they're an educational station like us,” Ms Withnall said.
2SER's new line up will be launched in two stages, with new programming coming in early May, followed by news and breakfast soon after.
For more details on the breakfast position, and other volunteer opportunities, head to 2ser.com.

2SER is a not-for-profit, independent community station, which broadcasts to the greater Sydney area on 107.3 FM, digital radio and on the web.

For over 30 years, 2SER has provided Sydney with specialist music, news, opinion and current affairs programs that offer a unique insight into alternative culture and ideas that are largely ignored by the mainstream.

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