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2ser 107.3 re-launches its award-winning Think series

hfriedlander, 14th March 2018

2ser 107.3 re-launches its award-winning Think series with a new look and format, as all three programs — Think: Health, Think: Sustainability and Think: Digital Futures — shift to a narrative-driven focus and seasonal release.

The shows are a collaboration between 2SER and University of Technology Sydney.

  • Think: Digital Futures tells stories from the digital age. Each episode explores how today’s technology is transforming tomorrow — from our biology, habits, relationships, spaces to our place in the universe.
  • Think: Health examines new evidence and new thinking changing the health game. The show takes an in-depth look at current health challenges and crises, and the cutting-edge research working to solve these problems. 
  • Think: Sustainability is about practical actions for a better planet. From waste to wealth, to grids and growth, the show digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life — it tracks the movements, discoveries and technologies making way for a sustainable future.

The Think shows were originally broadcast weekly on air and featured in-depth interviews with academics leading interesting innovative research in the areas of health, environment and technology. It was this rigorous approach to reporting that netted 2ser wins at the New York Radio Festival Awards last year. Think: Health was awarded a Gold medal in the Health/Medical category, and a Silver medal for Think: Digital Futures in the Science and Technology category. Think: Sustainability was recognised as a finalist in Environment and Ecology.

The re-launched shows continue this rigorous approach and pivot to a seasonal format to give each story more focus and the time it needs to be thoughtfully crafted and told. Each Think episode will be guided by a key issue or idea that’s topical but not necessarily driven by the news cycle, so instead, it is primed to set the agenda for the day.

Commenting on the series, 2ser Managing Director Melanie Withnall says,

“These shows are unique as they take research from leading academics, and show the impact of this research on our everyday lives. We hope that listeners like the new formats. I have confidence that the team has produced a high quality program that will resonate with audiences.”

On the new editorial direction, Jake Morcom, Executive Producer of Think: Sustainability, says, “This new approach to the Think programming allows us to navigate through difficult subject matter, and give creative justice to these important stories.”

Professor Glenn Wightwick, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Innovation and Enterprise at UTS, who was the driving force behind the original Think: Digital Futures, says, “This program is a unique show in the tech landscape – it’s great to have a technology show that isn’t just about where to buy the latest gadget. It’s been an honour to support the show, and watch its growth and success.”

The new seasons of Think: Digital Futures and Think: Sustainability both relaunch 13 March, and Think: Health will be available from 27 March. Each season will contain five episodes. 

The Think shows are available on all podcasting apps and online at They are also broadcast Sundays from 10.30am on 2ser 107.3FM.

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