Our Members


The CBAA has over 300 member stations actively broadcasting nationwide. The CBAA's members include 86% of Australia's permanently licensed community radio stations.

Stationsort descending Call Sign State
Katherine Community Radio 8KTR Northern Territory
KCR FM 6KCR Western Australia
KeppelFM 91.3 4NAG Queensland
King Island Radio 100.5FM King Island Radio 100.5 FM Tasmania
KIX FM 5KIX South Australia
Koori Radio 2LND New South Wales
KRR 98.7 2KRR New South Wales
Lake Macquarie FM Radio Yesteryear New South Wales
Life 105.1 3WTL Victoria
Life FM Bathurst 2BCB New South Wales
Life FM Gippsland 3GCB Victoria
Light Melbourne 3TSC Victoria
Lime FM 5RCB South Australia
Lofty 88.9 5LCM South Australia
Lord Howe Island Radio Station Lord Howe Island Radio Station Association New South Wales
Loving Life FM 103.1 2CVC New South Wales
MAINfm Castlemaine District Radio Inc Victoria
MAX FM 2MAX New South Wales
Meander Valley FM Meander Valley Community Radio Inc Tasmania
Meeka FM 6MKA Western Australia