2017 CBAA Board Nominees


Below are the nominees for election to the CBAA Board.

The CBAA's 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday, 10 November on the Gold Coast. As part of that meeting, CBAA members will elect the Board President and two (2) Ordinary Members. The Women's Representative will be voted on as part of the Women's Forum and the nominated candidate will be recommended to the CBAA Board. Statements from the candidates are as follows:

President Nominees

Phillip Randall

Phillip Randall

Phillip Randall is the CEO of Hope 103.2, one of the first community radio station licensees in Sydney. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in media, Phillip has worked full time in community radio since 1988. He has demonstrated skills in leadership, financial management and governance.

Since 2007, he has been involved with the push for a digital radio future for community broadcasting, and is the Chair of the Digital Radio Consultative Committee.

A CBAA board member since 2008, Phillip has served as a general board member, Vice President and is currently President.

In that role he has represented the sector in lobbying to Canberra and at the Sector Roundtable. As a seasoned CBAA board member, Phillip is across all the current issues affecting the sector during this time of ever changing media options, and in the near future.


General Board Member Nominees

Peter Rohweder Peter Rohweder

Peter has been volunteering in community radio since 1994. He started at 4ZZZ and worked in all areas of the station from administration to broadcasting to governance.

Since 2002, Peter has been the Station Manager at 4EB and has voluntarily managed the transmission site for five friendly stations in Brisbane.

As a Director at the CBAA he has seen the organisation go from success to success with the sector continuing to grow.

Peter values community radio for the entertainment, information and connection it provides for all people in the community. Each station is uniquely serving a local audience and maintaining a valuable community hub for society.

Community radio is evolving as modern media continues to converge and community stations remain significant because they support the needs of the local community through broadcasting across numerous media and connecting personally. The CBAA must hold this paramount in its strategy for the sector.


Wayne StammWayne Stamm

Representation of the rural and regional section of community broadcasting is vital on the CBAA Board. As the only existing rural/regional member of the board, Wayne is passionate about local radio and community radio’s role in regional and rural Australia.

More and more community radio stations are becoming the sole “local and live” voice in their towns and cities as they take on an expanded role. For some stations, this comes with its own set of challenges.

In Wayne’s first year as a CBAA director, he has been able to contact rural and regional stations to find out about their concerns and challenges. Major issues are licence renewals, technical support, sponsorship legislation and understanding DAB+ rollout.

The Board must represent the wider community broadcasting industry & Wayne’s continued representation on the board will continue to give rural & regional stations a voice at the highest level of decision-making.


Women's Representative Nominees

Roj AmediRoj Amedi

I’m an editor, writer, strategist and broadcaster based in Melbourne. I’ve volunteered, contributed and helped manage SYN, Radio Monash, Triple R, 3CR and PBS. I have a strong connection with and help facilitate community events that support women, queer people, gender diverse people and people of colour.

I write, speak and consult on a range of issues including gender, race, art, music, design and culture. My work is cross-disciplinary in nature and spans across public policy, publishing, editorial, marketing, and broadcast media. I understand the intricacies of building strong organisational cultures that prioritise access for people with varying lived experiences.

I am the current Guest Editor of Acclaim Magazine and the former Editor of Neue Luxury. I have written for The Saturday Paper, SBS, Swampland, Vault Magazine and am a columnist for Right Now. I have spoken at Melbourne Writers Festival, Footscray Community Arts and the Castan Centre for Human Rights.


Mary Irene Bayldon Mary Irene Bayldon

I have been involved with community radio since 1995 as a program producer and broadcaster. I have been convenor of the Fijian program for approx 13 years and also secretary to the Board Directors at 4EB.

In my role I have had the opportunity to be the Queensland Women's Representative and convenor for the NEMBC Women's Committee. In my role as Women's representative, I regularly have Women's meetings in the station to give women a safe space to feel free to attend a forum that covers women's issues in broadcasting. It has created a very friendly atmosphere within our radio community.

I think that I have a lot to offer the CBAA as a Women's Representative as I have both studio and management experience, and am open to the ever-changing elements presented to us.


Simona Castricum Simona Castricum

Simona Castricum is a musician, broadcaster, architecture academic and writer from Melbourne. Her practice is connected by narratives of queer space and gender non-conformity.

Simona is a DJ/broadcaster on Melbourne community radio station PBS and a Ph.D. candidate in architecture at the University of Melbourne School of Design.

A solo performer and DJ; she is represented by LISTEN Records and has toured extensively though Australia, the USA and Europe. Her culture and advocacy writing has appeared in The Guardian, Vice and Archer. She has spoken at conferences including BIGSOUND and LISTEN, presented at Melbourne Design Week, Women of The World in Melbourne and Architecture Feminisms in Stockholm.

Simona’s advocacy practice connects queer and gender nonconforming experiences into stakeholder engagement processes and organisational values that lead to tangible and strategic interventions affecting changes in representation and agency. Her experience in communication and research enables creative thinking that values belonging and community.


Emerald Cowell Emerald Cowell

I’m putting in my nomination for CBAA Women’s Representative, because I have witnessed first-hand how community radio plays a crucial role in providing an outlet for diverse voices within the media landscape. I also believe that it has huge potential to grow and welcome more young women, POC and LGBTQI+ voices, on air and behind the scenes.

I have a strong passion for fundraising and NFP organisations, having volunteered at Live Below the Line, GOFF and 3RRR for over three years, now as a permanent broadcaster on Tomorrow Never Knows. My work as a Digital Producer, has given me invaluable knowledge in project management and team building.

As I continue to build relationships within the community radio sector, at 3RRR, SYN and PBS, I believe I will champion being an accessible figure between people in the sector and the board, attempting to create more opportunity for underrepresented people.


Molly GeorgeMolly George

Molly George is the Membership Experience Manager at SYN Media in Melbourne. Molly became involved in community radio producing content for All The Best and she is currently producing a podcast called Babeland, which is about women and non binary artists in Melbourne.

Her longstanding connection to women in creative sectors began with co-founding the art collective Melbourne Artists For Asylum Seekers (MAFA) in 2013. Though the collective is open to all genders, MAFA has gone from strength to strength due to the hard work of women, and has demonstrated the importance of advocacy for ALL women.

Molly believes in uplifting and enabling women, particularly disenfranchised young women. Community radio is crucial to changing attitudes through generations.


Emma HartEmma Hart

Feminist organising has defined my experiences in community broadcasting since 2014, when I began my radio journey on 3CR Community Radio's Tuesday Breakfast Current Affairs Show, a show produced and presented solely by women and gender non-conforming people.

While juggling radio with a job in the Union movement and my commitments as an active musician playing in several projects around Melbourne, I fell in love with community radio as a vibrant and resilient media form where communities control their own stories. I

now work as Interviews Coordinator at PBS 106.7FM, and serve as a Director on 3CR's Committee of Management. I'm also a producer for Women on the Line, a national feminist current affairs show which has been broadcasting from 3CR since 1986.

I would relish the opportunity to pursue my commitment to empowering the voices of women and GNC people as the Women's Representative on the CBAA Board.


Chloe TurnerChloe Turner

Chloe Turner is a musician, a founding board member of LISTEN, co-founder and director of affiliated record label LISTEN Records and full time Program Administrator for Creative Partnerships Australia. Previous to this she was full time project I marketing manager at Music Victoria.

Chloe recently completed the Cross Pollinate training program at PBS for women and non-binary folk. Since graduating from this program she has been regularly doing fills at the station including several for The Breakfast Spread, Mixing up the Medicine, Junkyard and more.

Devoting most of her time to advocacy and gender equality within the music industry, Chloe is very passionate about feminism and diversity within music and media.